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Configuring JavaScript Libraries
Creating Line Breakpoints
Documentation Look-up in External JavaScript Libraries
Adding, Deleting and Moving Lines
Working with RubyMine Features from Command Line
Using Mercurial Integration
Code Folding
Commenting and Uncommenting Blocks of Code
Using YARD Annotations
Building Call Hierarchy
Navigating to Custom Region
Configuring Code Coverage Measurement
Folding and Expanding Custom Blocks
Merge Branches Dialog
Familiarize Yourself with RubyMine Editor
Initial Setup
Navigating with Structure Views
Viewing Changes History for a File or Selection
Quick Lists
Navigating to Line
Folding and Expanding Code Blocks
Code Folding
Customizing Profiles
Resolving Conflicts
Editor. Code Completion
Running Inspections Offline
Previewing Pages with Web Contents in a Browser
Working With Search Results
Associating a Project Root with Version Control System
Integrating Perforce Files
Defining the Path to the Dummy Application
Binding Macros With Keyboard Shortcuts
Configuring Default Settings for Diagrams
Editor. Smart Keys
Working Offline
Viewing Details of Changes
Configuring Autofolding Behavior
Code Style. JavaScript
Running and Debugging
Getting Started with RubyMine
Configuring Folders Within a Content Root
Surrounding Blocks of Code with Language Constructs
Viewing Pages with Web Contents
Navigating with Bookmarks
Navigating with Breadcrumbs
Navigating with Navigation Bar
Putting Labels
Enabling Version Control
Specifying Additional Connection Settings
Using Git Integration
Showing Revision Graph and Time-Lapse View
Configuring Format of the Local Working Copy
Viewing Differences in Properties
Managing Plugins
Deleting Tasks
Creating Models
Working with Rails Mountable Engine Projects
Creating Documentation Comments
Accessing Files on Remote Hosts
Running IRB Console
Familiarize Yourself with IDE Navigation
Working with Background Tasks
Update Directory / Update File Dialog (CVS)
Version Control with RubyMine
Code Style. YAML
Editor. Editor Tabs
Creating Files from Templates
Editor. Appearance
Working with Annotations
Creating and Registering File Types
Code Style. Ruby
Function Keys
New Changelist Dialog
Debug Tool Window. Console
Configuring Quick Lists
Viewing and Exploring Test Results
Enabling Creation of Documentation Comments
Types of Breakpoints
Editor. Colors and Fonts
Version Control Reference
File Templates
Running Inspections
Adding Plugins to Enterprise Repositories
Configuring Inspection Severities
Cutting, Copying and Pasting
Code Style. LESS
Basic Code Completion. Completing Names and Keywords
Navigating to Source Code from the Debug Tool Window
Using TODO
Refactoring Source Code
Using Perforce Integration
Create Property Dialog
Code Style. CoffeeScript
Keyboard Shortcuts You Cannot Miss
File Template Variables
Creating and Editing File Templates
Navigating to Declaration or Type Declaration of a Symbol
Extract Method
Safe Delete
Configuring General VCS Settings
Comparing Deployed Files and Folders with Their Local Versions
TODO Example
Code Style. CSS
HTTP Proxy
Enter Keyboard Shortcut Dialog
Repository and Incoming Tabs
Creating Test Templates
Saving and Clearing Contexts
Changing Indentation
Running and Debugging Node.js
Creating a Server Configuration
IDE Settings
Basic Editing
Debug Tool Window. Frames
Version Control Tool Window
Configuring IDE Settings
Configuring Keyboard Shortcuts
Configuring Menus and Toolbars
Live Templates
Groups of Live Templates
Analyzing Duplicates
Navigating to Class, File or Symbol by Name
Splitting and Unsplitting Editor Window
Running with Coverage
Deleting Files from the Repository
Integrating Project
Running RubyMine as a Diff or Merge Command Line Tool
Selecting Text in the Editor
Using Help Topics
Pushing Changes to the Upstream (Git Push)
Pushing Changes to the Upstream (Push)
Creating Rails Application Elements
Playing Back Macros
Using JavaScript Code Quality Tools
Defining TODO Patterns and Filters
Working with Diagrams
Differences Viewer for Folders and DB Objects
Bookmarks Dialog
Productivity Guide
Code Style. Gherkin
Code Style. XML
Files/Folders Default Permissions Dialog
Configure Your Working Environment
Add Issue Navigation Link Dialog
Edit Subversion Options Related to Network Layers Dialog
Browse Repositories Dialog
Hierarchy Tool Window
Tuning RubyMine
Opening, Reopening and Closing Projects
Importing RubyMine Settings on First Launch
Moving Breakpoints
Monitoring and Managing Tests
Highlighting Braces
Previewing Compiled CoffeeScript Files
Collecting Code Coverage with Rake Task
Rollback Actions With Regards to File Status
Perforce Options Dialog
Show History for Folder Dialog
Debug Tool Window. Dump
Intention Actions
Viewing Inline Documentation
Navigating Between Methods and Tags
Finding and Replacing Text in File
Exploring Frames
Changing Read-Only Status of Files
Setting Labels to Variables, Objects and Watches
File Cache Conflict
Find Usages. Variable Options
Extract Dialogs
Rename Dialog for a File
Reformat Code Dialog
Run/Debug Configuration: Node JS Remote Debug
Project Structure Dialog
File Types
New File Type
TextMate Bundles
Keyboard Shortcuts and Mouse Reference
Insert, Delete and Navigation Keys
Subversion Options Dialog
Event Log
Project Tool Window
Interactive Console
Structure Tool Window
Feedback Page
Register RubyMine
Creating and Editing Template Variables
Defining Scope-Profile Combination
Managing Bookmarks
Viewing Usages of a Symbol
Rename Refactorings
Creating and Editing Properties Files
Browsing Changes
Importing a Local Directory to CVS Repository
Resolving References to Missing Gems
Viewing JavaScript Reference
Viewing Inline Documentation
Running and Debugging JavaScript
Referencing DTD or Schema
Customizing Upload
Find Usages. Class Options
Find Usages. Method Options
Login to IntelliJ Configuration Server Dialog
Run/Debug Configuration: Gem Command
Run/Debug Configuration. IRB Console
Run/Debug Configuration: Rack
Run/Debug Configuration: RSpec
Run/Debug Configuration: Ruby
Deployment: Excluded Paths Tab
Create and Run Your First Project
Menus and Toolbars
Custom Plugin Repositories Dialog
Keyboard Shortcuts By Category
Supported Languages
Perforce Reference
Mark Resolved Dialog (Subversion)
Commit Changes Dialog
Show History for File / Selection Dialog
Database Console Properties Dialog
Debug Tool Window. Variables
Debug Tool Window. Watches
Inspection Tool Window
JSTestDriver Server Tool Window
Thumbnails Tool Window
Breakpoints Icons and Statuses

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