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Remote Debugging
Run/Debug Configuration: Ruby
Installing Gems for Testing
Enabling JavaScript Unit Testing Support
Creating JavaScript Unit Tests
Using RSpec in Ruby Projects
Using RSpec in Rails Applications
Generating Code
Adding Data Structure Definition Files to a DDL Data Source
Remote Hosts
Managing Code Coverage Suites
Test::Unit and Related Frameworks
Creating Rails Application Elements
Running Rails Server
Monitoring Code Coverage for JavaScript
Creating Run/Debug Configuration for Tests
Running JavaScript Unit Tests in Browser
Interactive Console
Enabling Test Runner UI for Cucumber Features
Building Call Hierarchy
Creating Test Templates
Running Injected SQL Statements from the Editor
Using JavaScript Code Quality Tools
Using DRb Server
Navigating Between Test and Test Subject
Using Gem Manager
Running and Debugging Node.js
Navigating from .feature File to Step Definition
Database Console Properties Dialog
Rename Refactorings
Previewing Compiled CoffeeScript Files
Collecting Code Coverage with Rake Task
Open Task Dialog
Run/Debug Configuration: Query Language Console
Run/Debug Configuration: RSpec
Local History
Run/Debug Configuration
Thumbnails Tool Window
What's New
Viewing and Exploring Test Results
File Templates
Populating Projects
Creating Code Constructs by Live Templates
Creating and Editing Run/Debug Configurations
Terminating Tests
Pulling Changes from the Upstream (Git Pull)
Accessing the Database Tool Window
Run/Debug Configuration: Test::Unit/Shoulda/MiniTest
Editor. Colors and Fonts
File Types
Content Root
Tag Dialog
Running and Debugging

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