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Interactive Console
Running JavaScript Unit Tests in Browser
Monitoring Code Coverage for JavaScript
Creating Test Templates
Enabling JavaScript Unit Testing Support
Rerunning Tests
Monitoring and Managing Tests
Running Tests
Using JavaScript Code Quality Tools
Navigating Between Test and Test Subject
Remote Hosts
Terminating Tests
Adding, Deleting and Moving Lines
Installing Gems for Testing
Messages Tool Window
Extract Parameter in JavaScript
Configuring Folders Within a Content Root
Creating Run/Debug Configuration for Tests
Configuring Code Coverage Measurement
Run/Debug Configuration: Query Language Console
Configuring Keyboard Shortcuts
Running Inspections
Building Call Hierarchy
Run/Debug Configuration: Ruby
Table Editor
What's New
Rename Refactorings
Internationalization and Localization Support
Remote Debugging
Checking In Files
Assembling a CVS Root String
Importing a Local Directory to CVS Repository
Using Help Topics
Ruby Gems Support
Creating Rails Application Elements
Navigating to Controllers, Views and Actions Using Gutter Icons
Using RSpec in Ruby Projects
Enabling Test Runner UI for Cucumber Features
Edit Log Files Aliases Dialog
Specify Code Duplication Analysis Scope
Ignored Files
Extract Parameter
Collecting Code Coverage with Rake Task
Run/Debug Configuration: Gem Command
Show History for Folder Dialog
Viewing and Exploring Test Results
Creating JavaScript Unit Tests
Rename Dialog for a File
Run/Debug Configuration
Defining Scope-Profile Combination
Analyzing External Stacktraces
Changing Read-Only Status of Files
Extract Dialogs
Editor. Colors and Fonts

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