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Run Tool Window
Setting Labels to Variables, Objects and Watches
Monitoring the Debug Information
Ruby Gems Support
Running and Debugging
Unit Testing Node.JS
Configuring Remote Interpreters via Virtual Boxes
Configuring JavaScript Debugger
Uploading and Downloading Files
Run/Debug Configuration: NodeUnit
Run/Debug Configuration: Spork DRb
Creating a Server Configuration
Comparing Deployed Files and Folders with Their Local Versions
Using GitHub Integration
Add Server Dialog
Navigating Back to Source
Handling LF and CRLF Line Endings
Handling Passwords for Git Remote Repositories
Debugging JavaScript
Configuring Remote Interpreters via SSH
Configuring Output Encoding
Coverage Tool Window
Run/Debug Configuration: Node JS
Building Call Hierarchy
Excluding Files and Folders from Deployment
Switching Between Working Directories
Debug Tool Window. Console
Defining Mappings
Changing Read-Only Status of Files
Run/Debug Configuration: Node JS Remote Debug
Master Password / Reset Master Password Dialog
Pulling Changes from the Upstream (Pull)
Browsing Through the Gems Repositories
Running and Debugging Node.js
Deployment: Connection Tab
Pull Changes Dialog
Push Rejected Dialog (Git)
Adding Files to a Local Git Repository
Viewing the GitHub Version of a File
Switch Working Directory Dialog
Managing Branches
Adding Files To a Local Mercurial Repository
Monitoring Code Coverage for JavaScript
Accessing Files on Remote Hosts
Line Separators Warning Dialog
Create Mercurial Repository Dialog
Fetching Changes from a Remote Git Repository
Pushing Changes to the Upstream (Git Push)
Configuring Local Ruby Interpreters
Schemas and DTDs
Version Control Reference
Share Project on GitHub Dialog
Push Dialog
Configuring Keyboard Shortcuts
Menus and Toolbars
Configuring Breakpoints
Starting the Debugger Session
Remote Debugging
Common Version Control Procedures
Registering GitHub Account in RubyMine
Publishing a Project on GitHub
Stashing and Unstashing Changes
Pushing Changes to the Upstream (Push)
Installing and Uninstalling Gems
Viewing JavaScript Reference
Enabling JavaScript Unit Testing Support
RubyMine Tool Windows
Differences Viewer for Folders and DB Objects
Export Test Results
Compare Files and Folders
Deployment: Excluded Paths Tab
Files/Folders Default Permissions Dialog
Debugger. Ruby
Change Master Password Dialog
Keyboard Shortcuts and Mouse Reference
Rebase Branches Dialog
GitHub Integration Reference
Login to GitHub Dialog
Create Gist Dialog
Configure Ignored Files Dialog
Supported Languages
Insert, Delete and Navigation Keys
Types of Breakpoints
Copying, Renaming and Moving Files
Setting Up a Local Git Repository
Configuring Available Ruby Interpreters
Run/Debug Configuration: Rails
Run/Debug Configuration: Rake
Editor. Smart Keys
Rebasing Commits Dialog
Enable Version Control Integration Dialog
Importing Project from Existing Source Code
Guided Tour Around RubyMine User Interface
Stepping Through the Program
Bookmarks Dialog
Select Path Dialog
Deployment: Mappings Tab
Gem Manager (Install /Update Gems)
Debugger. JavaScript
SVN Checkout Options Dialog
Integrate Project Dialog (Subversion)
SVN Repositories
Update Project Dialog (Subversion)
Run/Debug Configuration
Breakpoints Icons and Statuses

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