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Tools | Task | Switch - Open New Task

Shift+Alt+TShift+Alt+TShift+Alt+TShift+Alt+TShift+Alt+TShift+Alt+TShift+Alt+TShift+Alt+TShift+Alt+TShift Alt TShift Alt T⌘ F9Shift Alt T

Use this dialog box to assign a name to a new task or specify the name of an existing task to open. Optionally, specify whether you want RubyMine to create a change list for the created or selected and have the current context cleared.

Item Description
Enter task name
or choose existing task
In this text box, type the name of the new task or the name of an existing task to open.
Configure Click this link to open the Servers page of the Settings dialog box, where
Clear current context Select this check box to have the context associated with the current task cleared when the new/selected task is opened.
Create changelist Select this check box to have RubyMine create a new changelist for the specified task.

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