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You can repeat your test session, or individual tests without leaving your test runner tab of the Run tool window. The tests are performed again using the same run configuration as in the initial run.

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To rerun a testing session

Do one of the following:

  • Click the rerun button run on the toolbar of the Run tool window.
  • Use Ctrl+F5Ctrl+F5Ctrl+5Ctrl+F5Ctrl+F5Ctrl+Alt+RCtrl+F5Ctrl+F5Ctrl+Alt+R⌘ RControl F5⌘ RControl Alt R keyboard shortcut.
To rerun an individual test
  1. In the testing tab of the test runner, right click a test case node or a test.
  2. On the context menu, choose Run <test target>.


RubyMine makes it possible to rerun run/debug configuration of a test automatically, if the source code has been changed. To enable autotest-like runner facility, make sure that the Toggle auto-test button icon_toggleAutoTest in the Run toolbar of the Test Runner tab is pressed.

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