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Ruby, Rails, and Rails mountable engine projects make use of the Ruby gems.

For installing and updating the gems, RubyMine provides the Gem Manager. By default, the Gem Manager shows all the Ruby gems that come bundled with the Ruby SDK used in project.

The further approach of RubyMine to the gems depends on the presence of the bundler.

  • If a project uses the bundler, then all the required gems are taken according to the Gemfile.
  • If there is no bundler, RubyMine scans all the project files for the calls to Ruby gems, and produces a set of the required gems.

    If for some reason you are not happy with the set of gems defined by RubyMine, you can create a Gemfile yourself and specify the gems of your choice.


Gemfile is automatically generated by Rails version 3.x. In all other cases, if you need the Gemfile, you have to create it yourself.

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