RubyMine 6.3.0 Web Help

RubyMine provides integration with the AngularJS framework.

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Preparing to use AngularJS

You can install AngularJS in two ways:

Installing AngularJS Manually
  1. Download the AngularJS framework at
  2. Configure AngularJS as a RubyMine JavaScript library, see Configuring JavaScript Libraries. This will let RubyMine recognize AngularJS-specific structures and provide full coding assistance.

AngularJS Support

  • AngularJS-aware code completion for ng directives (also including custom directives), controller and application names, and code insights for data bindings inside curly-brace expressions {{}}.
  • AngularJS-specific navigation:
    • Between the name of a controller name in HTML and its definition in JavaScript.
    • Between ngView or &routeProvider to the template.
    • Go To Symbol navigation for entities.
  • Quick documentation look-up by pressing Ctrl+Q or Alt+Button2 ClickCtrl+Q or Alt+Button2 ClickCtrl+Q or Alt+Button2 ClickCtrl+Q or Alt+Button2 ClickCtrl+Q or Alt+Button2 ClickCtrl+QCtrl+Q or Alt+Button2 ClickAlt+Button2 Click, Ctrl+Shift+Space or F2Ctrl+Button2 Click or Ctrl+HF1, Control J or Control Button2 ClickControl J or Control Button2 ClickAlt Button2 Click or F2Control J or Control Button2 Click, see Viewing Inline Documentation for details.

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