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What’s New in RubyMine 6? And 6.3…

RubyMine V6 What's New

RubyMine 6 arrives with long-awaited support for multiple projects and introduces lots of improvements in supporting Ruby 2.1. It also works faster than ever before thanks to significant performance optimizations.

RubyMine 6.3 brings support for Rails 4.1, better Slim and AngularJS, as well as multiple carets and selection, a top-voted editor feature.

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Cutting-edge Ruby and Rails Support

RubyMine 6 focuses on improving Ruby language support up to version 2.1, with enhanced code insight and a faster debugger. It also supports RDoc dynamic methods annotation and provides improved support for git gems. Developers can become even faster and more productive with such options as going to Next/Previous Method inside eval blocks, or easily searching for duplicates when using the Extract Method refactoring.

Searching for duplicates when using the Extract Method refactoring

Spring Application Preloader is a major feature of Rails 4.1 that RubyMine naturally supports. Now the IDE uses Spring for Rails generators, Rake tasks, and tests by default.

The cutting-edge Rails generates json.jbuilder views by default. RubyMine provides the code insight for this type of files as well as smart navigation between view and controller.

Supporting json.jbuilder views

RubyMine introduces local variables in partials support and general Rails code insight improvements. It also presents migration fields in structure view for models for a clearer presentation of how your Rails project interacts with databases.

Zeus Support

For those addicted to everything fast, RubyMine provides support for Zeus, an application check pointer that preloads Rails apps and allows performing routine tasks in less than a second. With RubyMine 6 you can run console, Rake tasks and Rails applications via Zeus. Testing frameworks such as RSpec, Cucumber, MiniTest and Test::Unit are supported as well. Read this tutorial to learn more about developing faster with RubyMine and Zeus.

IDE Improvements

Multiple projects support: RubyMine 6 comes with long-awaited support for multiple projects. Now you can open all the projects you’re working on in one IDE instance. Take a look at this tutorial to learn how you can benefit from using this new feature.

Multiple cursors and selection: This top-voted editor feature allows putting the caret at multiple locations and edit multiple code fragments simultaneously. Read more on how to edit your code, use code completion, change find results in several places at once.

Multiple cursors and selection

Search everywhere: With the new search you can find a class, file, action or even an IDE setting by always using the same action (just double press Shift to invoke it).

Navigate to folder: RubyMine 6 enables you to quickly navigate to any folder in your project using Navigate to File action.

Lens mode: Now, when you hover the mouse over a warning or error strip on the scroll bar, the IDE shows you the source code fragment annotated with the message.

Search everywhere with RubyMine 6

RubyMine now integrates an SSH console and local terminal to let you run scripts and applications without having to leave the IDE.

Local terminal in RubyMine

Vagrant plugin is now bundled with RubyMine by default helping you to set up a reproducible development environment defined by VagrantFile configuration file.

Vagrant plugin is now bundled with RubyMine

With version 6 RubyMine introduces two new view modes. Presentation mode was designed for demonstrating live coding or best parts of the code at meetings, trainings and presentations. Full screen mode is now available for all supported operating systems and lets you get deeper into your project with fewer distractions.

RubyMine has now better integration with GitHub and provides developers with an option to make pull requests right from the IDE.

In RubyMine 6 we also put efforts to make your daily programming experience more pleasant by improving IDE startup performance.

New Web Development Horizons

AngularJS framework is now supported with intelligent code completion for directives, controller and application names; code insights for data bindings inside of curly-brace expressions; Angular-specific navigation; and documentation.

RubyMine 6 comes with built-in support for Stylus, an expressive stylesheet language for Node.js. Code completion, formatting, syntax highlighting and CSS generation are already available.

Slim support now includes the cutting-edge Slim 2.0; code insight for embedded code types; and code formatting. More filters such as :css, :sass, and :coffeescript are supported for HAML.

The built-in REST client now supports cookies: you can add and modify cookies and see the list of cookies sent by the service.

RubyMine 6 introduces a new Extract Inline CSS refactoring that helps automatically extract inline styles. The Image Preview and Extract Image refactorings are available for the data:uri attributes.

To enhance your experience with SASS, RubyMine now provides support for Compass with code completion, functions resolution and finding usages, mixins and variables from imported Compass files. Breadcrumbs and suppressible inspections are supported for LESS, SASS and SCSS languages as well.

Debugging & Testing

RubyMine 6 introduces lots of improvements for a better debugging experience. After a series of optimizations JRuby debugger is 30% faster, while Ruby 2.0 debugger runs twice as fast. With version 6 RubyMine also provides built-in support for the gem debugger.

For more convenient testing of your Ruby and Rails projects, RubyMine 6 offers an adjustable auto-test delay.

There are also enhancements for RSpec users: RubyMine now understands dynamic be_* and have_* matchers and supports type inference for let, let! and subject.

The code formatter also supports the new RSpec version 3.

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Versions History

RubyMine 4
  • Significantly improved performance
  • New, streamlined UI for all platforms
  • Latest Rails framework support
  • Dozens of new Ruby code inspections
  • Formatting for SCSS/LESS language
  • CoffeeScript code insight and formatting
  • Minitest 2.10 and RSpec 2.8 support
  • VCS integration enhancements
RubyMine 4.5
  • Code insight for Slim and Sass languages
  • MacRuby syntax highlighting
  • Capistrano Rails deployment support
  • Rails Engines development
  • Sinatra framework support
  • Mongoid/MongoDB integration
  • Ruby SDK management using pik and rbenv
  • IRB/Rails console and multiprocess debug
RubyMine 5, 5.4
  • Ruby iOS development with RubyMotion
  • CoffeeScript debugger
  • Rails 4 support
  • Support for JRuby, TorqueBox, Trinidad
  • Remote Ruby interpreters
  • Gem development
  • Darcula UI theme
  • Puppet support

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