RubyMine 1.1.1

June 30, 2009

IDE General

All RubyMine's version control integration features now work with Subversion 1.6.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved 'Unresolved Ruby reference', 'Unreachable code' and other Ruby/Rails inspections
  • Fixed some problems in 'Extract Method' and 'Rename' refactorings
  • Resolved some code completion issues and general code editor issues
  • Fixed exceptions in Gem manager
  • Fixed 'Go To Test/Subject' navigation for HAML views
  • Pressing # key converts selected ruby expression to "#{SELECTED_EXPRESSION}"
  • Fixed JRuby debug problem with 'Step over'
  • 'Tools | Rake Tasks' no longer shows undocumented tasks. For undocumented tasks use 'Tools | Run Rake Task'

Minor Additions

  • Added "Symbol to String" intention action
  • Eigenclasses are shown in Structure view
  • Argument completion and validation for helper_method
  • Added RSpec and Cucumber live templates/snippets ported from TextMate bundles
See the complete list of 70+ changes and download RubyMine.

RubyMine 1.1

May 28, 2009

RubyMine 1.1 — the first update to our Ruby/Rails IDE that is mostly based on the feedback received during the Beta and post 1.0, including, of course, suggestions we collected at RailsConf 2009 conference. The new version brings new functionality, and improvements to the exiting features.

Rails (2.3.x) support

With version 1.1 RubyMine fully supports the latest stable Ruby on Rails framework version 2.3.2 and provides special support for some of the features

Application Templates

Select an application template while creating a new Rails project to customize the application skeleton or perform routine tasks on project creation.

Rails 2.3: Application Templates

Localized Views

RubyMine knows views can be localized. They are grouped accordingly when showing in Project view and you can chose which to open when switching to view from an action.

Localized Views

Code Insight

render 'show' render 'users/login'

HAML syntax highlighting

Now RubyMine simplifies writing Rails views in HAML. Syntax highlighting for the markup and the injected ruby code is only the first step. Future versions will add more assistance for working with this markup language.

HAML syntax highlighting

Cucumber BDD framework support

.feature files syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting for .feature files makes writing and reading them easier.

GUI Test Runner for Cucumber

Cucumber tests are executed in the unified Test Runner UI with visual notification of test results, details and statistics for whole suit, a single scenario and step.

GUI Test Runner for Cucumber

Running Cucumber Tests. Run Configurations

You can run all feature files in a folder, a single file or any set of tests using a Rake task. Run configurations for Cucumber tests allow creating custom configurations, e.g. by tags, and are useful to quickly execute tests from anywhere inside the IDE.

Cucumber: Run configuration

Remote Debug for Ruby and Rails

If you need to investigate a problem on a remote server, you can do it using Remote Debug from RubyMine 1.1. Create special remote debug run configuration, map source folders on remote and local machines, and explore what's happening on the remote machine.

DRb server support for RSpec

Start RSpec DRb server and run your tests on it — all from RubyMine. Select Tools | Run RSpec DRb Server, set your RSpec run configuration to execute tests on that server and that's it.

Other IDE improvements

Create New Ruby Class option

RubyMine is not just about Rails, its for Ruby too. To quickly create a new class, select New | Ruby Class.

Platform specific IDE Help

When browsing help for RubyMine your will see keyboard shortcuts for your particular operating system.

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