What's New in RubyMine 5? And 5.4…

With the new releases RubyMine offers a full stack of development tools for more types of Ruby projects.

Now you can code better with smart assistance, testing and debugging features no matter what kind of projects you work on. With RubyMine 5 and 5.4, develop Ruby apps for iOS, use cutting-edge Ruby 2.0 and Rails 4, create Web applications with a lot of CoffeeScript code or develop gems, and follow the latest best practices of setting up a development environment on a virtual machine.

Ruby iOS Development with RubyMotion

RubyMotion is a toolchain that lets you create native iOS applications using Ruby language. Developing with its help is a real pleasure and RubyMine makes it even cooler and more productive with the smart syntax highlighting, code completion, running features. Testing and debugging are available both on simulator and device.
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Ready for Rails 4

We share the community’s excitement about the upcoming Rails 4 final release. We’ve made sure that RubyMine supports the newest framework features.

New Development Horizons

CoffeeScript Debugger

CoffeeScript is becoming more and more essential for Web-development. With the new release the support of this effective language includes debugging options. Now you can set breakpoints and debug your CoffeeScript code as you used to with Ruby or JavaScript. Code style settings are also improved for this language.

TextMate Bundles Support

TextMate bundles have already become a well-known tool for sharing preferred highlighting schemes for most of the programming languages and file types in use nowadays. Now the IDE lets you import your favorite bundles and thus expands the space of languages you may use with syntax highlighting support.

Cutting-edge Ruby ...

Developing on a cutting edge of a technology is full of excitement, pleasure and risk. RubyMine helps to increase the pleasure and eliminate risks with Ruby 2.0 syntax and debugging support.

New minitest (>=3.1.0) and rspec-rails (>= 2.12.0) are supported as well.

Ruby 2.0 Debugging
and JRuby Development
Torquebox and Trinindad Support

Those who prefer JRuby and environment based on TorqueBox or Trinidad might be glad to know that the full running and debugging support is now available for these platforms.

Nailgun Support

For being more productive Nailgun was supported. It allows running JRuby commands without incurring the JVM startup overhead and saves your time.

TorqueBox Support

More Control on Your Apps

Remote Ruby Interpreters

Managing the development environment on virtual machines and remote hosts sometimes takes a lot of time and effort. This is why we've worked hard to let you add and set up a remote SDK. Then you can run, test and debug your remote app.

Gems Development

Developing your own gems is an essential part of Ruby development as well as using third-party ones. Now you can create gem application as simple as any Ruby app and manage all gems and their dependencies with a help of gems dependency diagram.

Puppet Support

Many of Ruby developers prefer Puppet to manage their servers. If you are among others you have a lot of configuration *.pp files and you might be glad to know RubyMine now provides syntax highlighting and code completion for them.

REST Client

REST Client is now integrated in the IDE to let you test RESTful web services right from RubyMine. Simply invoke different requests over HTTP (e.g. GET, POST, PUT and others) to RESTful APIs with various parameters and get response and response headers. More details »

Database Tools

With new Edit Tools you can add, drop or rename tables, columns, keys and indices for your databases. RubyMine will take care of applying the corresponding changes to other code.

Definition Editor enables you to edit the definition for views, procedures and packages, with code assistance.

Diff Tool helps you easily generate SQL queries of the difference between selected tables or databases.

There are many other improvements and new features, including manual transaction control, table data export, better dialects support and enhanced user experience.

VCS Tools
  • Cherry-pick now provides a commit dialog.
  • Compare folders from history, compare folders with branches.
  • Filter commits by dates and mark in Git Log.
  • Other performance and usability improvements.
  • Repository view was added.
  • Show All Affected Paths is available from History and Annotations.
  • You can now view and resolve tree conflicts.
  • Added ability to edit descriptions for existing commits.

More Pleasure While Coding

Fresh Look and Feel

RubyMine 5 as all other IntelliJ-based products comes with a fresh look and feel, and Darcula, a new native dark UI theme for IDE and the editor.

Retina-display support improvements

If you're a happy owner of a new MacBook, feast your eyes on a set of new Retina-adapted icons.

In addition, to make your development environment more customizable and pleasant, we added GitHub color scheme.

Faster HTML and CSS

RubyMine also introduces improvements for HTML and CSS coding with a significantly re-worked HTML structure view and support for Emmet abbreviations in the editor. If you’re looking to level-up your HTML and CSS coding speed, RubyMine’s got you covered.

Sass and LESS language improvements

Sass stylesheets are now even more awesome in RubyMine with the following features added:

  • custom function definition, completion and renaming support;
  • highlighting for incorrect @-keyword;
  • support of nested properties;
  • etc.

LESS support now includes code insight for mixins and many other improvements.

IdeaVim Plugin Improvements

There is nothing more constant than our habits and nothing more painful than breaking them down. For those who used to Vim, IdeaVim plugin, one of the most popular RubyMine plugins, was significantly improved with the following features:

  • string object selection motions are added;
  • support for paste from register in command mode is available now;
  • the last change position mark is supported;
  • key bindings for pasting into command line are added;
  • and more »