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Perform better

Do you practice a traditional approach to Continuous Integration, or prefer Feature Branches with Git or Mercurial? Either way TeamCity has got you covered with a wide range of developer-oriented features to take your team's performance to the next level.

Start saving your time
from day one

Whether you develop in Java, .NET or for mobile platforms, TeamCity has the essentials you need to get started in a matter of minutes, right inside the installer package.

Extend as you go

Whenever you need special additional functionality, choose from over 100 ready-to-use plugins. Or, add custom features by creating your own plugins using the TeamCity Open API.

Enjoy all-around
customer support

Never feel left alone. Get help from various support channels including a public issue tracker, community forum, and comprehensive online documentation.

Rely on scalable architecture
and licensing

TeamCity gets smarter as you get bigger. Its licensing model allows you to start completely free, and smoothly expand your server capacities as you need more power.

Integrate and deploy

Initially a Continuous Integration server, TeamCity has encompassed all the features you expect from a mature Continuous Deployment platform. Today it is the best choice you can make for both.

Pandas love watching your builds turning green even more than they love bamboo.

TeamCity makes them happy.


It’s absolutely free

Professional edition

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  • support via the forum and issue tracker
  • 20 build configurations
  • 3 build agents
  • perfect for small teams and individual developers
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Your 24/7 Build Engineer

Powerful Continuous Integration

Remote run and pre-tested commit

Build, check and run automated tests on the server even before committing your changes – keeping your code base clean at all times.

On-the-fly build progress reporting

Don’t wait for a build to finish to discover that something is wrong.

Smart Configuration

Project hierarchy

Form your project tree to inherit parent settings and permissions.


Create templates with common settings and inherit any number of build configurations from it.

Build chains and dependencies

Break down a single build procedure into parts that can be run in sequence or in parallel.

Comprehensive VCS integration

Feature Branches

Using feature branches for development? TeamCity will detect and build changes in your branch, as well as merge it to the master.

Versioned Settings

Synchronize your project settings with VCS, and never lose track of them again.


What’s new in TeamCity 2017.1

Configure builds in DSL

Set up TeamCity programmatically. Create projects and build configurations in code, using TeamCity DSL based on the Kotlin programming language. Keep this code in a VCS, and all the changes to it will be applied automatically, without the need to interact with the web UI.

Project level cloud profiles

Configuration of agent cloud profiles was moved to the project level. This puts project admins in charge of the cloud settings, letting teams inside organizations try our cloud agents more freely.

Secure settings storage

You can now store passwords and other secure parameters separately from the other settings in your VCS. Safely enable the Versioned Settings feature without fearing your passwords be checked into the VCS.


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What our
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Did I mention, that I love @teamcity?
Setting up Continuous Integration with GitHub the easy way.
Thank you for such an incredibly good product which is so easy to use and helps make our development team so productive.
Tim Kent,
BNP Paribas

If you really know what you're doing, you can clearly see how superior TC is.
Evgeny Goldin,
Build Engineer
In the land of continuous integration, @teamcity has been my best experience thus far. Check it out!
I'm really impressed with JetBrain's @teamcity — outstanding is the word.
My new hobby, while struggling with Jenkins, is to check if the thing I'm doing is supported
natively in @teamcity
(spoiler: it always is).
via Twitter