Free Edition Available

Professional vs Enterprise Server license

Professional Server license Enterprise Server license
License Free Request 60-day evaluation
at any time!
Maximum number of Build Configurations 20 Unlimited
3 Build Agents included yes yes

Continuous Integration
Automatic build triggering yes yes
Pre-Tested commits yes yes
Personal builds on branches (Git, Mercurial) yes yes
On-the-fly Unit Tests reporting* yes yes
Test muting yes yes
Personalized VCS Change Log yes yes
Notifications (Web, E-mail, Jabber, RSS, IDE plugins) yes yes

Team Management
User accounts Unlimited Unlimited
LDAP support yes yes
Support for NT authentication yes yes
Per-project user access management with roles and user groups yes yes
Assigning problems for investigation yes yes
Audit of user actions yes yes

Quality Tracking
Unit Tests code coverage yes yes
Server-side code inspections yes yes
Code duplicates finder yes yes
Customizable statistics and project health tracking yes yes

Build Management
Build progress and remaining time estimation yes yes
Build History and history builds yes yes
Build chains and build steps yes yes

Build Infrastructure
Distributed Build Agents yes yes
Multi-platform builds yes yes
Agent Push to remote workstation yes yes
Remote agent management yes yes
Agents workload statistics yes yes
Dynamic scaling with Amazon EC2 cloud yes yes

Integrations & Extensibility
Integration with Issue Tracking Systems yes yes
Plugins for MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, and JetBrains IDEs family yes yes
Open-API yes yes
TeamCity REST API yes yes