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Is your favorite VCS, unit testing framework, etc. missing from the TeamCity Compatibility Chart? Don't despair: chances are that you can still enjoy using TeamCity with the addition of a plugin. It could be a third-party plugin, or even a JetBrains' own plugin not bundled with TeamCity by default.

Over 100 ready to use plugins are available.

Featured TeamCity plugins

TeamCity Artifactory Plugin
TeamCity Artifactory Plugin

Automatically deploys build artifacts into Artifactory.

  • Attaches information about deployed artifacts, resolved dependencies and environment data associated with each build to the binaries stored in Artifactory.
  • Provides bi-directional navigation between builds in TeamCity and artifacts build information in Artifactory.
TeamCity Sidebar Gadget for Windows
TeamCity Sidebar Gadget

Shows the build state of the projects and configurations you are interested in. It is available on your sidebar (Windows Vista) or your desktop (Windows 7).

Little smart thing displays the project status very compactly - by adding different background colors corresponding to the build configuration state.

BlazeMeter Plugin
BlazeMeter Plugin

Easily integrates realistic load and performance testing in your CI process.

Being 100% JMeter compatible, it allows to leverage cloud based load testing as part of build cycle, completely alleviating the need for on-premise servers, load testing software installation or complex configurations. Reports, such as real time KPI analysis are stored as part of the build, and accessible any time you need them.

White Source
White Source

White Source Software's plug-in allows enforcement of open source software policies in an organization with TeamCity. This plug-in optimizes the development process even more by enabling TeamCity users to automatically and continuously detect, identify, manage, and audit their open source components, licenses, risks, and requirements.

Installing plugins

Installing new plugins in TeamCity is really simple:

  1. Shut down TeamCity server.
  2. Copy the zip archive with the plugin to <TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins.
  3. Start the TeamCity server: the plugin files will be unpacked and processed automatically.

Enjoy your new functionality within TeamCity!

For more details on how to install new plugins in TeamCity, please see our online documentation.

Developing TeamCity plugins

TeamCity functionality can be extended in a number of ways. You can make declarative changes using bits of XML, which provide additional information about your builds, or you can write a real TeamCity plugin using the comprehensive OpenAPI. Using the latter, you can develop integration with version control systems, issue tracking systems, build tools, testing frameworks, IDEs, notification programs, etc.

Some TeamCity plugins, including FxCop, Eclipse, Rake runner, and ClearCase VCS support plugin, are open source and could make an excellent start for your own plugins.