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Tuning WebStorm

You can make WebStorm work faster by editing the default Java Virtual Machine (JVM) settings. These operations require certain understanding of the JVM functionality and may cause unexpected problems. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you address the JetBrains Support whereupon you will be provided with detailed instructions regarding which settings you need to update and what values should be assigned to them.

See also https://www.jetbrains.com/phpstorm/help/reporting-issues-and-sharing-your-feedback.html.

The default JVM settings are stored in the webstorm.vmoptions, webstorm.exe.vmoptions, or webstorm64.exe.vmoptions file, its name and location depend on your operating system:

  • On Windows systems:
    <WebStorm installation folder>/bin/webstorm.exe.vmoptions
    <WebStorm installation folder>/bin/webstorm64.exe.vmoptions
  • On *NIX systems:
    <WebStorm installation folder>/bin/webstorm.vmoptions
    <WebStorm installation folder>/bin/webstorm64.vmoptions
  • On OS X: The file /Applications/WebStorm XX.app/Contents/bin/webstorm.vmoptions should be copied to ~/Library/Preferences/WebStorm XX/webstorm.vmoptions

    Since version prod_vers, the file /Applications/WebStorm.app/Contents/bin/prod_low.vmoptions should be copied to ~/Library/Preferences/WebStorm/prod_low.vmoptions.

    For earlier versions, the file /Applications/WebStorm<version>.app/Contents/bin/idea.vmoptions should be copied to ~/Library/Preferences/WebStorm<version>/idea.vmoptions.

When you need to increase the productivity of WebStorm, the first thing to think of is increase the size of the Java heap, which is the amount of memory allocated to applications running in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The heap size is managed through the -Xmx Java Virtual Machine (JVM) setting, the default value is 512m. To increase the heap size, open the webstorm.vmoptions, webstorm.exe.vmoptions, or webstorm64.exe.vmoptions file, depending on your operating system and the version of WebStorm, and change the value of the -Xmx setting.

For OS X, first copy the file with JVM options from /Applications/WebStorm.app/Contents/bin/webstorm.vmoptions to ~/Library/Preferences/WebStorm XX/webstorm.vmoptions, then modify the -Xmx setting.

You can also edit other default Java Virtual Machine (JVM) settings. For Windows and Linux platforms you can also introduce an environment variable WEBIDE_VM_OPTIONS with the path to the file with the jvm settings or create custom vmoptions file. See Configuring JVM options and platform properties for details.

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Last modified: 19 November 2015