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Working with WebStorm Features from Command Line

Besides working from within WebStorm, it is possible to perform certain actions "offline", without actually launching the IDE. This way you can:

To launch a code inspection from the command line

  • Specify the following command line arguments:
    • Path to the launcher: specify the full path to one of the following launchers (which reside under the bin directory of your WebStorm installation):
      • For Windows: inspect.bat
      • For UNIX and Mac: inspect.sh
    • Project file path is the full path to the .idea directory of the project to be inspected.
    • Inspection profile path is the full path to the profile, against which the project should be inspected. The inspection profiles are stored under USER_HOME\.WebStormXX\config\inspection
    • Output path is the full path to an existing directory where the report will be stored.
    • Options. You can specify:
      • The directory to be inspected -d <full path to the subdirectory>
      • The verbosity level of output -vX, where X is 0 for quiet, 1 for noisy and 2 for extra noisy.

    Please note that you have to specify full paths, relative paths are not accepted.



C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\<WebStorm home>\bin\inspect.bat E:\SampleProjects\MetersToInchesConverter E:\Work\MyProject\.idea\inspectionProfiles\Project_Default.xml E:\Work\MyProject\inspection-results-dir -v2 -d E:\SampleProjects\MetersToInchesConverter\subdirectory


/Applications/WebStorm.app/bin/inspect.sh ~/IdeaProjects/MyTestProject ~/Library/Preferences/WebStorm/inspection/Default.xml ~/IdeaProjects/MyTestProject/results-dir -v2

To view differences using command line diff tool

  • In the command line, type the following:
    <WebStorm> diff <path1> <path2>
    • <WebStorm> is the platform-specific product launcher
    • <path1>, <path2> are full paths to the files to be compared.



WebStorm.exe diff C:\SamplesProjects\MetersToInchesConverter\src\javascript\numbers.js C:\SamplesProjects\MetersToInchesConverter\src\coffeescript\numbers.coffee


/Applications/WebStorm.app/Contents/OS X/idea diff ~/Documents/file1.txt ~/Documents/file2.txt

To open file for editing

  • In the command line, type the following:
    <WebStorm> <path1> --line<number> <path2>
    • <WebStorm> is the platform-specific product launcher
    • <path1> is the path to the project that contains the desired file
    • <number> is the number of the line, where the caret should rest
    • <path2> is the path to the file to be opened



WebStorm.exe C:\SamplesProjects\MetersToInchesConverter --line 3 C:\SamplesProjects\MetersToInchesConverter\src\javascript\numbers.js

Os x

/Applications/WebStorm.app/Contents/OS X/WebStorm ~/WebStormProjects/untitled45 --line 1 ~/WebStormProjects/untitled45/sample.sass

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Last modified: 25 December 2014
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