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WebStorm 8 Released!

  • Advanced AngularJS support
  • Spy-js, a new JavaScript tracing tool
  • Multiple cursors and selections
  • Grunt and Bower integration

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Why you want to try WebStorm

Code editor with an IQ of its own

The editor understands your code, its structure and offers you code completion that you expect. Full coding assistance is offered even for language mixtures such as HTML inside JavaScript strings.

Endless productivity growth potential

Integration of tools like Grunt, Bower and npm allows you to be more efficient without leaving the IDE. You’ll love keyboard access to any IDE action, not to mention the killer multiple cursors and selections feature in the editor.

Code quality analysis

Hundreds of language specific code inspections analyse the whole project as you type and show you the identified problems before you open the browser. Intelligent quick-fixes offer instant solutions.

Cutting edge web dev technologies

HTML5 and CSS3, Node.js, AngularJS, Dart, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, LESS, Sass, Stylus, Karma, Mocha, Emmet, RequireJS... Do you need more names?

Transparent VCS integration

Git, SVN, Mercurial are just the top 3 that WebStorm supports. The unified UI helps you do your job no matter where you keep your code. Local history keeps your files safe even if you use no VCS.

Cross-platform experience

Use the same environment on Windows, Mac OS or Linux with your single license key.
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More features include FTP deployment, JavaScript debugger, unit-test runner and integrated code coverage — and that's not all.