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This dialog opens when you click the Browse repositories button on the Plugins page.

Shown in this dialog are repository plugins.

You can sort and filter the plugin list, download and install the plugins of interest, manage enterprise plugin repositories, and configure HTTP proxy settings.

Main controls

Item Description
search_plugins Type the string to be found.

As you type, the list of plugins changes: only the plugins whose names and descriptions contain the specified string are shown.

If you want WebStorm to remember the search string, press EnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnter.

To bring the plugin list back to its initial state, delete the text in the search box or click clear.

To access the list of memorized search strings, click find1.

refresh Use this icon to update the list of plugins and their statuses.
plugin_repository_list If you have enterprise plugin repositories configured, there is a list that provides repository-based filtering. You can select to see the contents of all the repositories or only the selected repository.
plugin_category_list This list provides category-based filtering. You can select to see all the plugins or only ones belonging to the selected category.
Sort by Click sortMarkerDesc and select (or deselect) a sorting category.
Install plugin Click the Install plugin button in the description area to download and install the selected plugin.
HTTP Proxy Settings If you access the Internet via an HTTP proxy, click this button and specify the HTTP proxy settings.
Manage repositories Click this button to create or edit the list of enterprise plugin repositories in the Custom Plugin Repositories dialog.

Context menu commands

Command Description
Reload List of Plugins Use this command to update the list of plugins and their statuses.
Sort by | <Category> Use this command to enable or cancel sorting the list by corresponding category.
Download and Install Use this command to download and install the selected plugin.

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