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The scopes language is used in specifying project scopes involved in various kinds of analysis.

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Defining scopes

Scopes are defined in the Scopes dialog box in the following modes:

  • Manually, by specifying file masks in the Pattern text box. The following elements and structures are used:
    1. The file: modifier. The element is mandatory.
    2. The * asterisk to denote any symbol in a file name or file extension.
    3. Logical operators AND (&&), OR (||), and NOT (!).
  • By selecting files and folders and clicking the buttons Include, Include Recursively, Exclude, and Exclude Recursively. Based on the inclusion/exclusion, WebStorm creates an expression and displays it in the Pattern.


  • file:*.js||file:*.coffee - include all JavaScript and CoffeeScript files.
  • file:*js&&!file:*.min.* - include all JavaScript files except those that were generated through minification, which is indicated by the min extension.

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