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WebStorm 8 provides new tools to keep up with the latest and greatest web development innovations, helping you get more out of new technologies every day.

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AngularJS Support

Advanced support for the popular framework

  • Facilitate your development process with AngularJS with intelligent code completion for directives (also including custom directives), controller and application names, and code insights for data bindings inside of curly-brace expressions.
AngularJS Support
  • Angular-specific navigation will help you easily navigate from the controller name in HTML to its definition in JavaScript or from ngView or $routeProvider to the template. Go to symbol navigation also works for AngularJS entities.
  • You can access AngularJS documentation for directives right from the editor.
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JavaScript tracing made simple

With spy-js you can see the full list of the events that triggered code execution, then dig into the stack trace for an event and explore the highlighted trace in the source code.

Spy-js works for websites opened in any browsers on your machine or mobile device.

Use it to debug and profile your code and efficiently identify any possible bottlenecks.

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Multiple Carets and Selections

Now WebStorm allows you to put carets in multiple locations in your file and edit code simultaneously in these positions.

With Select next occurrence action, you can add the next occurrence of the current word to the selection and then easily edit or replace it.

Smart autocompletion and live templates work with multiple carets and selections, taking your productivity even higher.

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Multiple Carets and Selections

Grunt Console

Using Grunt as a task runner in your project? WebStorm 8 brings a new Grunt console: you can browse through the full list of Grunt tasks defined in your project and execute any task or any group of tasks by simply double-clicking it.

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Grunt Console

Bower Integration

With integrated Bower package manager, you’ll be able to search for, install and manage client-side libraries and frameworks for your project with ease, right in the IDE.

Bower Integration

JavaScript Modules

WebStorm 8 facilitates the use of JavaScript modules by improving support for RequireJS and AMD: WebStorm resolves paths based on requirejs.config calls and data-main html attribute and adds navigation to the source code.

For those who try to keep up with EcmaScript 6, WebStorm 8 improves support for Harmony module loader.

JavaScript Modules

Live Console

The console in JavaScript and Node.js debugger tool windows now works as a shell prompt and allows you to execute commands and JavaScript code.


WebStorm 8 adds support for JavaScript implementation of Cucumber test framework for Behavior Driven Development. WebStorm now understands Gherkin syntax and will help generate code for step definitions. You can start tests in a single click, see test results in a nice structured format, and easily navigate to test source.

As always, all the covered improvements will also be available in IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm, RubyMine, PyCharm and AppCode, either out of the box or as a plugin, with the upcoming releases.

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Versions History

WebStorm 7.0
  • Integration of Karma, the JavaScript test runner
  • Built-in Terminal and npm
  • Support for Mustache, Handlebars and EJS
  • Coding assistance for Stylus
  • Improved JavaScript debugger
  • Presentation mode
WebStorm 6.0
  • TypeScript coding support
  • File Watchers for automatic compilation
    of higher-level languages
  • Debugging with source maps
  • Out of the box Google Dart support
  • Built-in HTTP server and REST Client
  • Fresh IDE look and feel & dark UI
WebStorm 5.0
  • Live HTML/CSS/JS Editing Preview
  • Google Closure Compiler JSDoc Annotations Support
  • Jade Templates
  • Improved CSS, LESS and Sass/SCSS support.
  • JSTestDriver unit tests debugging
  • Project level JS libraries

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