WebStorm 3.0: The JavaScript IDE

JavaScript matures. EcmaScript 5, CoffeeScript, JSLint — all these tools and dialects have emerged to make JavaScript development easier, more accurate and more professional. It will gain even more followers with the appearance of server-side JavaScript — Node.JS, and an effective tool is required that meets the needs of JavaScript developers. WebStorm 3.0 is that tool.


WebStorm 3.0 allows you to debug and validate your server-side JavaScript — Node.JS apps.

The editor is aware of CommonJS module structure and suggests proper auto completion options:

Read more about how to configure Node.JS in WebStorm.


JavaScript code quality tool integrated in the IDE. Checks your code just as you edit it. Open Settings, type JSLint, enable an inspection and here you go:

Smart Duplicated Code Detector

For JavaScript and even for CSS and HTML. Go to Code | Locate Duplicates to start your quest against copy/paste coding. You'll be presented with a list of candidates for refactoring — and with the help of Refactor | Extract Method it's easy to keep your code DRY.

JavaScript Debugger Improvements

Mark Object action added to JavaScript debuggers for Firefox and Chrome browsers. The labeled object will be marked accordingly in all debugger views:

Additionally, you can configure the most important properties of an object that you want to see without expanding its node:


Keeping pace with the newest technologies coming to the scene, WebStorm offers you CoffeeScript support 'hot off the press'. CoffeeScript is a programming language that compiles to JavaScript and enhances its brevity and readability, while also adding some sophisticated features like array comprehension and pattern matching. WebStorm offers you:

  • code navigation and completion
  • rename refactoring
  • syntax highlighting
  • error checking
  • find usages

JavaScript Unit Testing

If you're a JavaScript developer, you probably know that the quality and correctness of your application are crucial. Well, consistency and regression testing just got a little less painful. Meet the JsTestDriver plugin. Read more »

FTP/SFTP Sync Improved

  • Deployment support got a much-requested recursive comparison feature. Check out Sync with Local / Sync with Deployed context menu actions on folder nodes in Project view and Remote Host view.
  • Mark directories in web server configuration to exclude/include from transfer and from indexing in Settings | Directories.


XSLT 2.0 support enhanced with XSLT Debugger

VCS News

  • TFS Support added
  • Git: IDE now shows revisions graph

  • Changes digest for easier pre-commit review

Platform Improvements

  • More streamlined UI across all modern operating systems
  • Verified compatibility with Mac OS X Lion (including fullscreen)