WebStorm 5.0—Productivity through innovation & attention to details

The intelligent JavaScript IDE brings to life the latest innovations in web development workflow by introducing easy-to-use live page editing and supports more top-notch technologies and coding techniques.

Live HTML/CSS/JS Editing Preview

WebStorm — Live Edit

The new Live Editing Preview in WebStorm 5.0 saves you lots of time and key presses. Open a page in the editor and the browser (works only in Google Chrome at this time) so you can see both, and activate the Live Edit feature. Start editing the code and see the changes immediately in the browser even while you are going through the list options in code completion popups. WebStorm auto-saves your changes, and the browser smartly updates the page on the fly, showing your edits.

A productivity boost and intense coding pleasure are guaranteed!

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Google Closure Compiler JSDoc Annotations Support

JSDoc tags support has been significantly improved for better coding experience. With more knowledge of the current context, more relevant code completion options are offered and more static errors are reported instantly.

Most of Google Closure compiler JSDoc tags are supported and are immediately taken into account for code completion, parameter info and documentation lookup while you're coding. Hierarchy view shows inheritance according to the annotations.

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As a major update for the JavaScript IDE, version 5.0 brings dozens of big and small improvements for JavaScript development. The most noteworthy are:

  • many fixes and speed improvements in JSTestDriver support
  • the ability to debug JSTestDriver unit tests
  • project-level JS libraries for better project configuration
  • improved JavaScript code completion performance
  • new code inspections and intention actions based on JSDoc annotations

The code completion routine for JavaScript is now even smarter and easier to use with the new middle-matching, improved case sensitivity, and sorting of results.


Jade Templates

The ability to work with Jade templates has been a very popular request recently. WebStorm 5.0 introduces initial but very solid support for working with .jade files, including:

  • code completion for HTML tags and their attributes according to the selected doctype
  • code completion for all Jade statements
  • file paths completion and validation in extends or include statements
  • the ability to create new files from usage via a quick-fix

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Stylesheets: CSS/Sass/LESS

WebStorm has always supported CSS, and has supported for Sass/LESS for some time now. In this release we took the new stylesheets seriously and made a great deal of improvements based on your reports about CSS, LESS and especially Sass/SCSS. They include better code completion, navigation, code formatting and support for advanced constructs:

  • All the basic Sass directives are supported
  • Code formatter is improved significantly
  • Sass/SCSS function declarations are supported
  • Added syntax for Sass variable arguments and interpolations
  • Mixins and variables resolving for Sass/SCSS improved

Now you can also make your syntactically awesome stylesheets even more awesome with "Rename" and "Extract Variable" refactorings.

Sass Refactoring

IDE General

In addition to changes for specific technologies, there are many generic changes that will affect every WebStorm user. Here are some of them:

  • The ability to run another run configuration or external tool as "before run" action.
  • External merge tools are now supported. Configure it under IDE Settings | External Diff Tools.
  • 'Recent files' popup is now much more powerful, with a new ability to navigate to IDE tool-windows.
  • 'Find usages' action now works without a modal dialog.
  • FTPS support added to deployment routines.
IDE General

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