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Issue Tracking Made Simple

Issue Tracking Made Simple

Advanced search

Use advanced search queries similar to everyday language, aided by intelligent query completion. Type for:me #unresolved to filter unresolved issues assigned to you.

Batch modification

Modify multiple issues at once using powerful commands. Simply enter for: me to reassign the selected issues to you.

Keyboard-centric tracking

Hate taking your hands off the keyboard? All common actions have handy shortcuts you won’t want to do without.
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Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management

Scrum & Lean

Agile Project management helps teams plan, visualize and manage their work in an efficient manner, with support for both Scrum and Lean methodologies.

Agile board

Manage your backlogs, create a number of sprints, group your tasks in swimlanes, move your tasks around the board, track progress and detect bottlenecks early and more. All that with shortcuts, advanced search queries and commands!
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Issue Tracker That Follows Your Process

Issue Tracker to Follows Your Process

Custom fields

Define your own states, priorities, severity and more with your own values. All issue fields are customizable in YouTrack.

Custom workflow

Create custom workflows and define your own rules to fit even the most complicated process. You know how to develop best — YouTrack gives you the freedom to do it.
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Integrations and Migration


Import from any bug tracker using our Client Python Library. Learn more »

Key integrations

Integration with VCSs, GitHub, TeamCity, mailbox and powerful REST API.

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