Converting Database for YouTrack 3.0

Important! We recommend that you back up your current YouTrack database before converting.

  1. Stop the YouTrack server.
  2. Check your YouTrack database location. By default, it's located in the User_Home/teamsysdata directory. It should be located in the Home directory of the User under which YouTrack is run.
  3. Please make sure that the database folder contains a blobs folder, some *.jdb files and other files, and doesn't contain any *.xd files, which might be created after you attempt to run YouTrack 3.0 before converting the database.
    Note: If you are not sure where these files came from, please back them up before removing them from the database folder.
  4. Download the moses.jar database converter.
  5. In the command line, run the application with the following command, using the same User under which YouTrack is run, or specify the database location manually:
    java -jar moses.jar [source_dir] [target_dir]
    • Generally, if you use the default database location, then run the application without any parameters:
      java -jar moses.jar
      Application will convert the database and place the converted data in your User_Home/teamsysdata directory (for Windows) or in $HOME/teamsysdata (for Mac OS X / Linux).
    • If you want to explicitly specify the location of your database, run the above command with the [source_dir] optional parameter. The converted data will be placed in the same directory.
    • If you want to place the converted data into another directory, then use both optional parameters [source_dir] and [target_dir].
  6. After the database is converted and placed in the <YouTrack database location> directory, there should be several newly created *.xd files in the database directory. Check that the User running YouTrack has Read and Write access to those files.
  7. Start the YouTrack server.

Track with pleasure!