Import from Other Trackers


JIRA Integration

If you have an existing JIRA installation (up to version 4.x), consider importing your JIRA projects to YouTrack.

Just get a YouTrack plug-in for JIRA, choose a project and types of bugs to import, and make your issues available from YouTrack. You can import issues along with groups, roles, and group memberships, meaning that your users will be able to log into YouTrack with their existing JIRA credentials.

If you choose to work with JIRA and YouTrack concurrently, you can update issue changes from JIRA to YouTrack at any time.

Import from Jira

If you are using Jira 5.x version, please use this Python script to import your project issues to YouTrack.
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Importing from AgileZen

Import your AgileZen users and projects with stories and tasks related to each story to YouTrack by using this Python script. By default each story is imported as a feature, and story tasks as feature subtasks.
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Import from FogBugz

Ready to migrate from FogBugz to YouTrack? Use this script to import multiple projects with all the issues and their custom attributes.
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Import from Mantis

Ready to migrate from Mantis to YouTrack? Use this script to import issues from Mantis to YouTrack.
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Import from Redmine

Using Redmine and ready to give YouTrack a try? Import your projects, issues and users to YouTrack in no time, using this Python-script.
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Client Python Library

This client library wraps YouTrack REST API and provides the ability to import issues from any bug tracker to YouTrack.
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Import from Bugzilla

Use this script to import your users, project issues with all the attributes from Bugzilla to YouTrack.
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Google Code Issues Tracker

This script allows you to import issues from Google Code Issues Tracker to YouTrack.
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Google Code Issues Tracker

Import from Trac

Import the whole project with all the issues and their attributes from Trac to YouTrack using this script.
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Import from a CSV file

Use this script to import your issues from the an existing CSV file to YouTrack, if you: can export issues from your old bug tracker to CSV, are still using Microsoft Excel as a tracking tool.
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Import from Another YouTrack Server

Use this script to import all issues in a project from one YouTrack server to another.
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