Send notifications to unregistered users

Involve your customers in the tracking process without registering a new user account in YouTrack. When a customer emails your support, YouTrack automatically creates a new issue and stores the reporter email (without creating a new user account). When a support engineer adds a comment or updates the issue, the customer gets email notification.

Any customer’s reply is automatically added as a new issue comment. This way your support team tracks all the customer requests in YouTrack (as fully-qualified users), while your customers receive emails with the info they need.

Send notifications to unregistered users

Read the Tutorial to learn how to use YouTrack as a Help Desk.

Customize notification templates

Customize email and jabber notifications to suit your user communication requirements! You control what to tell users when a new issue is created, updated, commented or reassigned. Add your own subject, change the language, tailor the message text, and more, using the Freemarker templates.

Custom Notification Templates

Per project notification templates

Want to approach your users from various projects in a different manner? You are free to configure custom notifications templates on the project level. You may set up multi-language notifications or completely redesign them for each project.

Issue digest

With a new Issue Digest notification scheme you receive a single notification when issue is created or updated. You may switch to an old Individual notifications scheme anytime to get a separate notification on every issue change.

Duplicate cluster digest

Get a single notification digest of changes made to any set of issues from the duplicate cluster by enabling a setting in your profile. You’ll get this kind of digest if you’re watching any issue from the cluster. You may also customize the duplicate cluster notification template just like any other template.

Chat with YouTrack Jabber-Bot

You can talk with your YouTrack via Jabber. This awesome feature allows you to send search requests and
apply commands in reply to a jabber notification, or simply start a chat with YouTrack.

VD-2 Prepare nice Valentines cards
Priority: Normal
Type: Task
State: Open
Assignee: okosyreva
No description
Get issue details. You can easily get issue details just by providing issueID. YouTrack Jabber-Bot will show you issue description, summary and fields.
VD-3 state In progress
Command successfully applied
to issue VD-3
Set State In Progress
Apply command. You can even manage your issues by applying commands to specific issues directly from you Jabber.
VD-2 state To Be Discussed comment What color Valetines cards to buy (pink or red)?
Command successfully applied to issue VD-2
Set State To be discussed
Add Comment. Just type ‘comment’ after issue ID, or as part of a command, to add a comment.
Issue was updated
VD-3 Buy a present
by root
Type: Bug -> Task
State: Open -> In Progress
Skip Issue ID. When you receive a jabber notification from YouTrack, you can skip issue ID in reply and start directly with the command or comment that you want to add to the issue.
state To be discussed
Command successfully applied to issue VD-3
Set State To be discussed
Command syntax: [issueID] command [comment comment's text].
For example: txt-1 open Critical Fix version 4.2 comment Should be fixed in 4.2
To search for issues, type your query starting with "/". For example: /#Unresolved priority: Major, Critical
To get details of an issue, type its issueID denoted with "/". For example: /TST-154
More Topics to Chat About. If you don’t know how to start a conversation, just ask for help! Type /help and YouTrack will give you basic tips on the syntax used in commands and search queries.
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