Project Tracking


Custom Attributes

In YouTrack, the entire set of issue attributes is customizable. The following types of custom attributes are available: Enumeration, Date, String, Integer, User, Group, Version, State, Build and Subsystem. As a result, you are free to populate any issue attributes with the exact values you need.

Custom Attributes

By default, YouTrack supplies a predefined set of issue attributes that can be used out of the box.

First Class Citizens

Custom attributes are supported in search queries, commands and matrix reports; can be imported from any issue tracker, exported to CSV file and managed via RESTful API.

Using Custom Attributes

Define your own states, types or priorities, add severity, set default values, highlight attribute values with different colors, or even allow multiple selection of assignees. Using custom attributes you can also:

  • Configure defaults for a new issue.
  • Add the aliases to be used in search queries and commands.
  • Set a custom attribute as required on project level.
  • Clone the Enumeration set of values.
  • Change the order of issue attributes on project level.
  • Customize attribute privacy.
Customizable Workflow

Workflow is a set of programmed rules attached to a project to define the life-cycle of the issues. With customizable workflow, YouTrack is able to fully cover all your project tracking needs, even for the largest of businesses.

Workflow Editor

To create and edit your workflow rules, you get a dedicated JetBrains style editor enhanced with auto-completion, suggestions, inspections and more, just like your favorite IDE, using a custom-made domain-specific language.

For example, here's a workflow rule that requires commenting an issue when closing it as won't fix:
when issue.State.becomes({Won't fix}) { assert comments.added.isNotEmpty: "Please leave a comment"; }

Workflow Editor

To create our own workflow or edit an existing one, download YouTrack Workflow Editor. Read the Workflow Tutorials to learn more. Read more »

Usage Scenarios

Issue Tracking Management
  • Shift your issue states based on a preset cycle
  • Automatically assign new issue: set subsystem owner as assignee for new issues
  • Reassign issue automatically according to changes of other issue attributes
  • Require additional info on issue change: specify Fix Version when changing state to Fixed
  • Disallow commenting Verified issues
  • Disallow submitting an issue without Due Date set
  • Clear Fixed in build value when reopening an issue
Project Management
  • Set up schedule rules to keep track of overdue issues
  • Set up specific notification to product owner/reporter to approve feature/fix
  • Set up State field life-cycle with verification from the Reporter's side
  • Provide description templates for external reporters
Duplicates Management
  • Raise the Priority of a duplicated issue
  • Set issue state to duplicate when a Duplicate link is added
  • Automatically relink all duplicates directly to the main duplicated issue
Feedback Management
  • Create issue automatically from customer email and set its state to Unanswered
  • Notify support team members about unanswered feedback
  • Change state to Answered when the latest comment is added by your team member
  • Set issue assignee to the last commented team member
  • Notify customer when an answer is added as issue comment

These workflows are already programmed and ready to use with YouTrack by default.


Matrix Reports

For any set of issues found, you can create a report as a matrix, choosing different issue attributes for the two axes. Click Create matrix report under the search box. The report will be placed on your dashboard helping you keep track of your projects.

Matrix Reports

Release Notes

Export your issues fixed for the released version, or generally any search results, to HTML view, e.g. to get a better view of your Release Notes. Choose the level of detail to display by selecting one of three views of the Issues List.

Release Notes

Export to CSV

You can also view any set of filtered issues in Excel by exporting your search results to CSV.

Filter your issues first and then click Export to CSV below the search box.

Export to CSV


Instant Installation

YouTrack stand-alone is distributed as a JAR, Windows EXE or WAR file, ready to:

  • run as a standalone Java process
  • be launched as Windows service
  • be deployed at any of today's popular application servers, including Apache Tomcat 6+, Apache Geronimo, Mortbay Jetty, Caucho Resin, and JBoss.

YouTrack is supplied with the built-in JetBrains Database, which runs in-process and requires no installation.

Guest account

Enable a guest account, which requires no registration, and configure the permissions just the way you need for non-registered users.

Role-Based User Management

Users are organized into Groups, which are granted specific role(s) at the project level. Roles are configured based on the set of permissions enabled. This way, you can grant the same group different set of permissions for different projects. New users are assigned to the All Users group by default.

Per issue visibility
Per issue visibility

YouTrack introduces flexible access control by letting you tighten permissions for individual issues that might contain non-public data. If your users sometimes submit data that aren't meant to be public, or event comment, no need to make the whole project private - just modify permissions on the per-issue level instead.

User Time Zone & Avatar

YouTrack makes your team collaboration as comfortable as issue tracking. Users may configure time zone and choose avatars in their own profile. Avatars can be uploaded from the PC or grabbed from Gravatar.

User Visualization

User Visualization

You can view the current user status right next to his or her user name. Visual association is also established between users and groups by adding the group icon to user avatars.