Experimental Features

You can enable experimental features for your InCloud instance or Standalone installation. These features are in early or intermediate stages of development. This strategy lets us get feedback for a feature as we work on it, learning more about what you want to see in the final product.

If you are an administrator, simply enable the features you want to try on the Feature Configuration page. This page shows the features that you can enable system-wide and other features that you can enable for specific groups.

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Full Page View

We release a complete redesign of the issue view page. It now supports Markdown in the description and comments, checklists, sorting comments in reverse-chronological order, smart @mentions, usability improvements for custom fields, a dark theme, a distraction-free mode, and the ability to download all attachments. The comments, issue history, time tracking, and VCS changes have been consolidated into a single activity stream with options to show or hide specific event types.

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Redesigned Issue Creation Page

The Create Issue page gets a facelift with the same polish and presentation that we delivered with the redesigned view for single issues.

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