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YouTrack Harmony introduces a Reports Dashboard which addresses the needs of managers and development teams alike. Extending the YouTrack project management functionality, the Reports Dashboard will help you stay on top of all kinds of activities.

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Reports Dashboard

Reports Dashboard is a single place for the most important info about your projects. You are free to add as many widgets on your dashboard as you want! Three types of widgets are available: general reports, top issues, and Agile charts. The Dashboard can be configured on a user level and shared across the team or the whole company, based on role permissions.

Reports Dashboard


There are around 20 various reports on our list for YouTrack Harmony. Generally we divide reports into two main groups: Timeline reports and Snapshot reports. Timeline reports show how data change over time, while snapshot reports give you data for the current moment, a certain time period, or a certain point in time.

Snapshot Reports

  • State Transition
  • Matrix Report
  • Time Report
  • Issues Per Assignee
  • Issues Per Project
  • Issue Distribution
  • Custom Issue Distribution
  • Verifying Rate
  • Reopening Rate
  • Issues Assigned to a User
  • Issues Resolved by a User
  • Pie Chart

Reports with Timeline

  • Burndown Chart
  • Reported/Fixed Rate
  • Verified/Reopened Rate
  • Resolution Time
  • Average Issue Age
  • Cumulative Flow

Read the YouTrack Harmony Reports in Details blog post for reports examples and descriptions.

Alternative Geeky UI

Thinking about providing comfortable UX for different roles, such as the development team, your customers and non-technical users, we decided to introduce optional Alternative UIs.

In YouTrack Harmony, we offer you an Alternative Geeky UI created specifically for the development team: developers, QAs, support engineers, and administrators. Geeky UI is controlled from the keyboard only and follows the concept of minimalism, saving you time and optimizing the UX.

Use AND in Search Queries

Introducing the ability to search for several values within a single field or attribute as well as the ability to use parentheses in the search queries, combining several search expressions. For example:

search for multiple tags: tag important and tag documentation

combine several conditions: (Affected versions: 5.1 or Priority: Critical) and Fix versions: 5.2

full text search: summary: customer and summary: report

Multiple Drafts

Currently YouTrack keeps your unreported issue in a single draft. Now you’ll be able to create and manage as many drafts as you need!

Multiple Drafts

Shortcuts Customization

Now you can customize the list of YouTrack shortcuts for both Issues List and Agile Board. This version allows customization on the server level, and we plan to later implement it on the user level as well.

Read the Harmony Roadmap for more details.

YouTrack Harmony
Early Access Program is already opened!
Try it now!


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