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What’s New in YouTrack 5.2

YouTrack 5.2 introduces 'work item' type & enhances helpdesk support: multiple To and CC recipients, custom date format and Epic as a default issue type.

Work item type

Specify the type of work that’s been done when you add a work item. This allows you to track the time spent on different kinds of activities inside a single issue in the Time Report, such as development, testing, documentation, etc. You can specify your own work types globally in system settings or per project in its Time Tracking settings. Adding a work item type is supported via commands as well, for example, add work development 4h.

Enhanced helpdesk support: multiple To and CC recipients

Carry on a conversation with several customers added to the support email thread via YouTrack email notifications—without creating user accounts for them. To become even more functional as a helpdesk, YouTrack now allows sending notifications to multiple unregistered recipients specified in the To or CC field of the email sent to your support.
Read the blog post for more details and instructions.

Enhanced helpdesk support: multiple To and CC recipients
Custom Date Format

Custom date format

Now you can choose the date representation format globally in the system Settings or per User in your User Profile. You may include time, make your date follow the MM/DD/YYYY format, use a short date with or without time, or use a medium or long date format. The user’s setting, however, will overwrite the global format.

Epic as a default issue type

We’ve made Epic a default issue type so you could practice better Agile right out of the box.
For more details read the full story: Multi-Level Agile Boards, or How We Support Epics.

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Versions History

YouTrack 5.1
  • Helpdesk Support
  • @Username Mentions
  • Archive Projects
  • Issue Digest
YouTrack 5.0
  • Localization
  • Cross-project Agile board
  • Personal Agile board
  • Similar issues
YouTrack 4.2
  • Chat with Jabber-Bot
  • Integration with Zendesk
  • New Default Workflows
  • "Visible" and "Delete" Commands

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