What's New in YouTrack 3.0


Customizable Workflow

Now you can define the life cycle of your issues according to your process needs. For example, you can setup the rule to assign an issue to QA team or specific QA person automatically when issue state is changed to Fixed, or require to define build number when closing an issue, or setup to receive notifications about issues that haven't been proceed during specific time period. Generally, customizable workflow combined with the customizable attributes gives you the ability to completely customize your issue tracking process.

Issue from E-mail

Submit new issues without even opening the bug tracker! Now you can integrate YouTrack with your mailbox (IMAP, POP3) and report issues right from your e-mail client. You can even set up any command to be applied to a created issue, or add comments by replying to a notification email you received.

Mobile UI

Great news for everyone who is following YouTrack notifications from mobile devices. We've optimized the Login and Full Issue View screens specifically for mobile platforms. Now you can comfortably read, comment, add tags, view attachments, and update issue attributes from your iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Android or Windows Mobile handheld.

Applying Commands from VCS Commit Comment

Now you can just type a command right in the VCS commit comment, and it will be applied to the issue associated with this commit. For example, if you commit files with a comment like #JT-1787 fixed tag to be documented, issue JT-1787 will be closed and tagged as "to be documented."

Customizable Attributes

All the predefined issue attributes are now converted into customizable.This required adding new custom attribute types: User, Group, Version, State, Build and Subsystem. As a result, you are free to populate any issue attributes with the exact values you need. For example, you'll be able to define your own states, types or priorities, set default values, highlight attribute values with different colors, or even allow multiple selection of assignees. Of course, all custom attribute types are supported in search queries, commands and matrix reports.

Add Watcher

Sometimes it's crucial to notify another user of an issue that was created or updated. Simply use Star on behalf of command to add users to the list of issue watchers at any time. This will help prevent duplicate issues and keep everyone involved aware of any changes made.

Customizable sidebar

Previously, your list of shared tags and saved searches could get overloaded and difficult to use. Now you can choose which tags and saved searches are visible (pinned) in your sidebar by pinning/unpinning items from the list. Organize your sidebar to have all the tags and saved searches you need right in front of you, or simply hide the whole sidebar when you need more space on the issue list!

JetBrains Database

YouTrack 3.0 is supplied with the new built-in JetBrains Database. This is a database system created by JetBrains that has undergone a lot of development and testing. Moving from Berkeley DB to JetBrains DB allowed us to improve YouTrack performance by over 50%. See for yourself!


Custom Attributes

Converting all the predefined attributes into customizable ones required a lot of additional enhancements, such as:

  • Configure defaults for a new issue. For example, you can set the default priority, type, subsystem, etc.
  • Search syntax, command, and reports: customizable attributes are fully supported, meaning that you can search for custom attributes values, set values via command window, and include them into matrix reports.
  • Aliases for custom attributes: you can add the aliases to your custom attributes to be used in search queries and commands. For example, you may set for or assigned to alias for Assignee attribute.
  • Administration: you can now set a custom attribute as required on project level. For example, require that Effected Version be specified to submit a new issue. Also, you can clone the enumeration set of values to be used for another attribute.
  • Create Custom Attribute Wizard: leads you through the entire process of creating and defining values and attaching a custom attribute to project(s).
  • Change order of issue attributes: allows you to configure the order of issue attributes either on specific project level or for all projects.


YouTrack 3.0 brings a number of improvements to make administration as comfortable as reporting and processing issues are. Specifically, we've added the list of users and groups with their access rights on the project tab, added user timezone configuration, and more. We've also enhanced user groups management: now you can merge groups, find differences between groups, or remove users already added to another group.

Import From Other Bug Trackers

We've extended the list of bug trackers you can easily import your projects from. Now you can migrate from: Jira, FogBugz, Bugzilla, Mantis, Trac, Google Code Issue Tracker, CSV file, or from another YouTrack instance. Generally, you can import projects from any issue tracker using our Client Python Library.

Search Syntax

Here's a new pack of goodies in YouTrack search queries. Now you can:

  • Search for and between specific dates: type
    for: me created: 2011-05-01 .. 2011-05-15
    to search for issues assigned to you, created from May 1 until May 15, 2011.
  • Include any custom attributes values and ranges into search queries.
    For example, use Priority: Minor .. Critical request to find all issues in the Minor to Critical priority range.
  • Search for plain issue ID without hash, for example


To make YouTrack RESTful API even more powerful, we've extended its functionality with the ability to specify visibility group when creating an issue, added method that allows to delete issue comments, provided an option to restrict sending notifications when issue is changed via REST API method, and support impersonation for issue comments and commands via REST.

TeamCity Integration

Now you can specify the command to be applied to issues included in the current build, i.e issues mentioned in the commit comments and issues resolved in this build.


We keep increasing your productivity by improving the usability of our issue tracker. Introducing a number of usability enhancements, such as:

  • The "Issues" drop-down list now contains your saved searches and tags, so you can switch to the required context faster.
  • A floating toolbar appears when scrolling down the issues list, so you can edit the selected issue without moving back to the top.
  • The New Issue notification view is now easier to read from mobile devices.
  • The full issue screen includes a "Show all images" link to view all attachments on one page.
  • When your search query returns more than 150 results, you can calculate the exact number of issues by clicking the "150+" link.