YouTrack 3.2: Through-the-Roof Performance

Search Queries

Advanced search capabilities are at the heart of YouTrack, so we never stop sharpening search. Processing complicated search requests, which sometimes requires filtering results from 100,000 issues, have been optimized by up to 10 times. For example, if you search for issues "reported by All Users and updated during last week and...", you'll definitely feel the difference!

Matrix Reports

The results of matrix reports are now stored in the DB, which means that they are not recalculated automatically each time you open the dashboard. We've also added a Recalculate report button, as well as the last calculated date and time label. With these improvements, you don't have to waste time on regular recalculating reports and update the results only per request.

Notifications System

The notifications queue is now processed up to 5 times faster. When you have thousands of notifications to process, this will really make a difference. For example, a queue of hundreds of notifications is now processed in less than 7 minutes.

Suggestions and Underlines

Showing suggestions and underlines are sped up in search queries, commands, create/edit report dialog, mailbox integration, and TeamCity integration.

Issues List & Full Issue Screen

We've optimized the issues list which contains 100 issues to load 20% faster. We've also optimized the Linked Issues tab containing a number of linked issues to open much faster. Also, calculating the paging on FIS is now made asynchronous, which saves your time on opening an issue and switching to the next/previous one.

Release Notes

Opening issues in HTML is greatly improved as well. No more waiting to open your release notes any longer!

More Features

No search query in issue URL

Finally, we've excluded the current search query from issue URLs. When you're looking through the list of filtered issues, you may want to copy the URL of an issue and paste it somewhere. Now you navigate to the full issue screen, and get the issue URL without any additional parameters.

Show progress on calculating matrix reports

Now you can check visual progress while creating or recalculating your complicated matrix report.

Copy Issue ID in one click!

We've added a very easy way to select and copy issue ID from the full issue screen. Simply press Ctrl+C to select issue ID, then press Ctrl+C to copy issue ID to the clipboard. Simple!

Disable processing issues not mentioned in VCS

Now you can control whether to process resolved issues that are not mentioned in commit comments by enabling/disabling control in TeamCity mapping dialog. This option is disabled by default: