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Project-based learning

Go beyond lectures — learn by developing. Challenge yourself to integrate all that you’ve learned into applications. Experience actual development on top of essential computer science knowledge.

Knowledge map

Explore new topics and projects that become available to you as you learn. Use the Knowledge Map to track your progress and to navigate between topics.

JetBrains integration

Master professional tools to ease yourself into the developer’s workflow. Enjoy full integration with the JetBrains IDEs while working on your projects.


Is JetBrains Academy now an Early Access Product (EAP)?

This is an Early Access Product (EAP) currently in early development stages. While in EAP, use of JetBrains Academy tools is free of charge. You expressly acknowledge that this version of the product may not be reliable, may not work as intended and may contain errors. Any use of the EAP product is at your own risk.

Do I need a license for JetBrains Academy?

While in EAP, JetBrains Academy tools are totally free of charge. We will keep you posted as we start implementing licensing options. Free options (such as a trial period) will be available after license release.

How does the integration between Hyperskill and JetBrains tools work?

Hyperskill is a third party platform for JetBrains Academys learning experience. While most of the learning will be happening online on, some parts of the service are accessible only via JetBrains IDEs. Java projects currently featured in Hyperskill are bundled with IntelliJ IDEA Community Educational. Learn more about how to install IntelliJ IDEA Community Educational and begin working on projects inside IDE here.

By using any services offered as part of the JetBrains Academy you understand that your personal data will be processed in accordance with the JetBrains Privacy Policy and Hyperskill Privacy Policy. You also understand that your use of the IntelliJ IDEA Community Educational is subject to the EAP User Agreement, and your use of Hyperskill is subject to the Hyperskill Terms.

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