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IntelliJ IDEA 7.0.2 released to support JetGroovy and Ruby productivity plugins

We are proud to announce the release of IntelliJ IDEA 7.0.2, which is much more than a maintenance update. It specifically supports JetGroovy Plugin 1.0 for Groovy and Grails developers and Ruby plugin 1.0 for productive Ruby development.

With JetGroovy, IntelliJ IDEA brings the following productivity-boosting features to Groovy and Grails:

  • Cross-language support, which lets you develop applications both in Groovy and Java, with all features supported seamlessly, as well as to compile your project in a single step
  • Built-in debugger capable of working with both Groovy and Java code
  • Smart, context-sensitive GDK-aware code completion with cross-resolution between Groovy and Java
  • Syntax highlighting, code formatting and folding
  • Error highlighting which includes: unresolved classes, unresolved unqualified properties, incompatible type assignments, method calls, and more
  • Auto-insertion of imports statements, parameter info, etc.
  • Refactorings, advanced navigation and views
  • GSP support with Grails tags and inline Groovy coding assistance
  • Dedicated Visual Application Model editor for Grails
  • Automatic generators for Grails controllers, views, domain classes, jobs, script and more

Ruby developers will benefit from the following features and support:

  • Advanced coding assistance with smart code completion, including RHTML code completion
  • JRuby support, with coding assistance and navigation
  • Syntax highlighting, code formatting and folding
  • On-the-fly code inspections with error highlighting and one-click quick-fixes
  • TestUnit and RSpec test frameworks support
  • Ruby and Rails live and file templates plus intention actions
  • Refactorings, advanced navigation and views
  • Automatic generators for Rails skeletons, actions and Ruby access modifiers
  • Run configurations for Ruby and Rails applications, with various application servers support

JetGroovy and Ruby plugins are supported only in this IntelliJ IDEA 7.0.2 maintenance release. Users of older versions can find their upgrade plan or consider 30-day free fully functional trial for evaluation.

You can download the plugins and get more information either from the IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Repository or via the built-in IntelliJ IDEA Plug-in Manager.

December 18, 2007

Free Professional Edition of TeamCity 3.0 Released

We are proud to give you TeamCity 3.0 – the newest version of our teamwork and productivity tool for continuous integration and effective build management.

Two TeamCity editions - Professional (free!) and Enterprise - are now available to meet the specific needs of smaller and larger teams and projects.

The key new features of this release include:

  • Per-project access rights with project roles – an exclusive feature of the Enterprise edition
  • Build statistics charts, with declarative pluggable charts for user-defined metrics
  • Pre-tested commit from Visual Studio for Subversion
  • StarTeam support
  • .NET Duplicates finder for catching similar code fragments of your C# and Visual Basic .NET code
  • Java Inspections and Duplicates for Maven2 projects
  • Version Control labeling for Subversion, CVS, Perforce, StarTeam, ClearCase
  • "Hanging" builds auto-detection and thread dump capturing, for quick feedback on Java and .NET builds' problems
  • Display of build start/finish estimations in the build queue
  • Build tags for organizing and quickly filtering builds

To find out more about new features in TeamCity 3.0, please visit

For more details about the new licensing scheme for Professional, Enterprise and Open Source licenses, see

We're also glad to inform Current TeamCity users that they qualify for a free upgrade to the most feature-rich Enterprise edition. For details on upgrading please surf to

December 6, 2007

We are happy to announce that IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 is available!

In addition to further upgrades in performance, usability, and user experience, you will surely appreciate the newly added efficient support for the most in-demand features, technologies, and tools of today.

Hibernate and Spring integration

  • Coding assistance with smart completion
  • Highlighting, code inspections and quick-fixes
  • Spring file set editor
  • Spring namespaces support
  • Spring AOP support with full coding assistance, quick fixes and navigation
  • Hibernate mapping structure view
  • Editable Hibernate entities relationship diagram
  • Hibernate/Spring-aware Refactorings
  • Tight Hibernate/Spring integration
  • And more...

New and improved support for multiple languages and technologies

  • EJB & JPA
  • JSP
  • HTML & CSS
  • XML
  • More advanced JavaScript (with basic Flex) support
  • Ruby/JRuby and Groovy development plugins coming very soon
  • Highly anticipated Web services support
  • And more...

New and innovative VCS features

  • Rational ClearCase integration
  • "Review Incoming Changes" to raise awareness of team members' activity
  • Ability to "shelve" (temporarily put aside) local changes
  • Other important enhancements

Greater level of team cooperation

  • Tight, transparent Maven integration
  • Interoperability with Eclipse projects
  • Better TeamCity integration, with a dedicated tool window for reviewing inspections and duplicates reports right from the IDE

Numerous productivity-boosting features

  • New Java refactorings
  • A rich set of refactorings for XML
  • Around 50 new code inspections and quick-fixes
  • More flexible search options
  • And more...

Variety of other enhancements

  • New intuitive approach to configuring complex Enterprise Applications
  • Completely new debugger UI
  • Innovative visual Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM)
  • Top-notch performance
  • Enhanced usability
  • And much more!

To learn more about IntelliJ IDEA's new features, go to

Download is available at

October 15, 2007

We announce the availability of IntelliJ IDEA 6.0.6 maintenance release

  • JUnit 4.4 support
  • Geronimo 1.2 and 2.0 support
  • MacOS X 10.5 "Leopard" support
  • And other numerous improvements

You can now download the fresh build for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

September 24, 2007

JetBrains Announces Next Annual Plugin Contest

JetBrains® announced its second plugin competition for IntelliJ® IDEA, the company's award-winning Java IDE (integrated development environment). The JetBrains development team will consider all IntelliJ IDEA 7.0-compatible plugins submitted during the contest, dubbed the IntelliJ IDEAL Plugin Contest.

Top entries will win their developers a combined total of 57,000 USD, with over 15,000 USD in cash prizes and more than 42,000 USD in software licenses from JetBrains and other Java-oriented vendors.

All contest entries, regardless of whether they win a prize, join the ranks of hundreds of popular IntelliJ IDEA extensions already available in the new IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Repository (

Developers can submit plugins in any of 90 top-level categories in the IntelliJ IDEA plugin ecosystem, and they may create plugins that fall into new categories. Existing plugins cover a wide range of applications, from code editing enhancement and Java EE development facilitation all the way to just plain fun things. Entered plugins will be judged according to their usefulness, creativity and elegance, completeness, code quality, and documentation.

IntelliJ IDEAL Plugin Contest entrants may enter new plugins or may add functionality to existing plugins. New functionality must be developed specifically for this plugin competition as only the new functionality will be judged.

Eligible plugins must be compatible with the IntelliJ IDEA 6.x and/or 7.0 Open API (the latest Milestone of which is available at and must be submitted under a Berkeley Standard Distribution (BSD) open source license (for information on this license, visit or under an Apache License (for information visit

IntelliJ IDEAL Plugin Contest cash prizes will include:

Grand Prize: 7,000 USD

Second Prize: 4,000 USD

Third Prize: 2,000 USD

Team Leader's Personal Prize: 1,000 USD

Honorable Mention (3 awarded): 350 USD Gift Certificate

All winners of cash prizes will also receive personal licenses for IntelliJ IDEA and JetBrains TeamCity, plus different packages of free licenses for other Java development tools from these third-party sponsors:

Atlassian ( — Jira, Confluence, Clover, FishEye, Crucible
Excelsior ( — Excelsior JET
Sixth and Red River Software ( — LockSmith, CodeDependency, InspectorGeneral
ej-technologies ( — JProfiler
FormDev Software ( — JFormDesigner
ProductiveMe ( — BuildDesk
MB Technologies ( — Bindows

In addition, all contest entrants whose submissions meet the contest entry guidelines will receive a commemorative contest T-shirt.

Contest entries will be accepted beginning September 17, 2007. The deadline for submitting completed plugins is December 21, 2007. Winners will be announced January 21, 2008.

Complete information on entering, including official rules, eligibility, terms and conditions, and submission procedures, can be found on the contest home page at

September 18, 2007

ReSharper 2.0.4 and 3.0.2 Released

We are pleased to announce a double bug fix release - ReSharper versions 2.0.4 and 3.0.2.

ReSharper 3.0.2 includes Unit Test Explorer usability improvements and bugfixes, and enhanced support for ASP.NET. A number of other bugs are fixed as well.

In addition, ReSharper 3.0.2 C# Edition enables support for ReSharper 2.0 licenses purchased since April 15, 2007. If you bought ReSharper 2.0 recently, you're welcome to download and use ReSharper 3.0.2 C# without having to pay the upgrade price.

ReSharper 2.0.4 includes several bugfixes and also introduces cross-version license support: those who are using Full and C# editions of ReSharper 3.0 can now use ReSharper with Visual Studio 2003 for free.

August 17, 2007

IntelliJ IDEA Milestone 2 Released

JetBrains announces the availability of IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 Milestone 2 and the Free IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 Upgrade Program!

Major release highlights:

  • Groovy and Grails support
  • Dependency Structure Matrix class dependency analysis
  • Integration between Spring and Hibernate
  • More flexible project configuration
  • New refactorings, Maven support, better performance, and more

Watch new features in the live action voice demo.

Download the fresh, free, 30-day evaluation version of IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 Milestone 2 for Windows, Mac or Linux.

Read the complete release notes for the list of fixes and improvements.

With the Milestone 2 release JetBrains also announces the launch of Free IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 Upgrade Program.

When you buy IntelliJ IDEA version 6.0 before the end of 2007, you get all IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 Milestone releases for commercial use immidiately, plus you can upgrade to IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 for free as soon as it is released!

Read more about the features of IntelliJ IDEA 6.0

Buy IntelliJ IDEA 6.0, find your upgrade plan or even get it for free for a classroom or an Open-Source project

August 13, 2007

TeamCity 2.1.1 Released

This bugfix release includes patches for several Subversion, CVS and Perforce support issues, as well as IPR runner and quest authentication updates.

Download this release or try TeacmCity live in the Test Drive Center.

July 4, 2007

ReSharper 3.0.1 Released

The first bugfix update for ReSharper 3.0 is out. Some critical issues have been eliminated so you can enjoy the great new features of ReSharper.

Download ReSharper 3.0.1 from the official download page. The problems fixed included ASP.NET user controls, To-do Explorer, Unit Testing and some others.

For details see this release notes.

June 29, 2007

ReSharper 3.0 Release

The team over here at JetBrains is pleased to announce the release of ReSharper 3.0 - offering unrivalled C# productivity and code quality tools plus full-featured support for Visual Basic .NET, with extensive cross-language functionality.

Version 3.0 features in-depth code analysis for C# and a host of new productivity-enhancing features such as a superior unit testing solution, efficient handling of to-do lists, plus new navigation and search commands. Another major boost is the addition of Visual Basic .NET support, backed by cross-language functionality between C# and VB.NET. ReSharper also brings versatile support for XML and XAML.

Productivity is at the heart of all our development, so version 3.0 includes multiple productivity enhancers across all our covered languages.  The new features include "Go to Symbol" navigation, a Unit Test Explorer (a totally reworked Unit Test Runner), a smart To-do list for keeping track of all your to-do notes solution-wide (even in closed files), and more.

The list of new features for ReSharper 3.0 is much too long to get into right here, so check out the stuff you are interested in at:

Please NOTE:

If you bought ReSharper 2.5 on, or after April 15, 2007 you qualify for a free upgrade!

Considering ReSharper's increased value to different user groups, in addition to regular full-featured ReSharper 3.0 we are offering two specialized editions: C# and VB.NET. These language-focused editions exclude a part of the functionality and cost a fraction of the full price.

Fully-functional 30-day evaluation downloads for all three editions are available at (no evaluation license required).

If any questions arise during your evaluation process, or if you have any bulk sales inquiries, please feel free to email us at

June 21, 2007

TeamCity 2.1 Release

JetBrains releases TeamCity 2.1 - an innovative solution for continuous integration and build management.

This version provides various improvements to existing features, plus several new features you might enjoy (to name just the most noteworthy ones):

  • More stable and complete integration with Subversion and ClearCase
  • Fixes related to Ipr and Inspection runners, and Duplicates finder
  • Ivy-related improvements, including password repository protection
  • Viewing existing artifact dependencies for a given build on the build results page
  • Possibility to select a specific agent to run a build on
  • Enforce clean checkout for a project on all build agents (to clean all the incorrect data)
  • And more...

We encourage you to download TeamCity 2.1, to give it a try for yourself.

To find out more about new features of TeamCity 2.1, surf to the "What's new" page.

June 5, 2007

Full-Featured Visual Basic .NET Support Available in ReSharper 3.0 Beta

If you are not subscribed to our newsletter, you will be glad to learn about the recently released ReSharper 3.0 Beta.

The newest version expands its versatile support of languages and technologies, providing improved functionality for C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, XML, XAML, build script editing and integrated unit testing. For detailed descriptions of the major new features, see

  • Full-Featured Visual Basic .NET Support

    With the newest version, developers get a full coverage of VB.NET, with multiple features complementing and extending those provided by Microsoft Visual Studio.

  • Cross-Language Functionality Between C# and VB

    ReSharper also brings cross-language functionality between Visual Basic and C#, unparalleled in today's market of .NET development tools.

  • Unique Code Analysis for C#

    Unique code analysis, available for C# code, is another major step forward for ReSharper. Now, in addition to detecting errors and warnings on the fly, ReSharper produces code suggestions - insights into your code that offer clever analysis and observations for various situations.

  • XML and XAML Support

    ReSharper 3.0 brings much-awaited XML and XAML support. XML features include type completion, various navigation between tags, navigation to referenced types, basic code assistance, and live templates support. XAML features include XML editing in XAML code, all three types of ReSharper's code completion, several refactorings, and on-the-fly error, syntax and semantic analysis.

  • Many Productivity Enhancers

    The new productivity-enhancing features include "Go to Symbol" navigation, Unit Test Explorer (a totally reworked Unit Test Runner), a smart To-do list, and others.

We also want to let you know that version 3.0 will be released in three editions, two of which will exclude either C# or VB.NET functionality and cost a fraction of the full price. One of these editions may be right for you - and more affordable - if you work on single-language projects only.

For fully-functional 30-day evaluation downloads of ReSharper 3.0 Beta, go to

June 4, 2007

dotTrace 3.0 Released

We're pleased to announce the release of dotTrace Profiler 3.0, which offers an expanded arsenal of memory and performance profiling tools and is prepared to handle many more profiling scenarios.

The new version features several important new features in the Performance Profiling department, some very useful Memory Profiling enhancements, and other helpful improvements. Overall, developers' profiling options are expanded with regard to both the application profiling process and working with profiling results.

The first to be mentioned is a quadruple increase in the number of performance profiling tools available to dotTrace users. The new profiling modes introduced in dotTrace 3.0 include sampling profiling for fastest, minimum-overhead profiling (at the expense of accuracy), and routine thread profiling for unprecedented precision of measurement. This catapults the total number of profiling modes from one to four - a truly versatile set.

As far as memory profiling, more intricate memory leaks can now be spotted with the help of dotTrace's finalized objects. Developers can easily see objects that were finalized without being properly disposed of in their code. Navigating around the object graph has also got easier, thanks to the ability to merge strongly-connected objects.

Performance profiling enhancements in dotTrace 3.0 include:

  • Measuring routine thread time, in addition to the existing wall time profiling mode.
  • Super fast sampling profiling for getting the fastest picture of application's performance with the lowest possible overhead.
  • Ability to save individual parts of snapshots (tab saving).
  • Filtering and folding function call chains in Hot Spots and Back Traces views and filtering function calls in Plain View.

Memory profiling enhancements in dotTrace 3.0 include:

  • Finalized objects are detected, including those not properly disposed of in your code.
  • Possibility to merge strongly-connected objects.
  • Navigation to classes' source in source preview.
  • Information about reachable and held objects is now serialized to disk, eliminating the necessity to recompute it on each memory snapshot opening.

Other enhancements include:

  • Profiling ASP.NET applications from Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Profiling ASP.NET applications using Visual Studio Development server.
  • Automatic creation of .config files for profiling modes not supported for the .NET 1.1 framework.

An overview of dotTrace 3.0 is available at Information on new features can be found at

The release is available for download at profiler/download/. A free 10-day evaluation license enabling full functionality can be requested at the same URL.

May 14, 2007

IntelliJ IDEAL Plugin Contest 2007: Wish List

The last year's Plugin Contest drawn a lot of attention and people who contributed many new useful plugins that helped to make IntelliJ IDEA even better. It all was so impressive and the effect on the entire community was so remarkable, that we've decided to make the contest a regular annual event.

Our team already started working on the 2007 year contest and so we're looking to hear some feedback from the community to get a better picture of what kinds of plugins you think are missing.

We made the online Wish List survey where everybody is welcome to leave their opinion, let it be a request for a new plugin or suggestion to improve the existing one.

We're looking forward to your contributions!

May 8, 2007

IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 Milestone 1

Just in case you haven't been online for some time and missed the IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 Milestone 1 release, we're listing all of its major additions and improvements in Java EE support, including Spring and Hibernate, code analysis, extended version control support, including Rational ClearCase integration, enhanced debugging, code search, usability and performance.

The most remarkable of the new features are:

  • Performance improvements
  • Spring support
  • Hibernate support
  • Eclipse interoperability
  • Improved XML/HTML/XHTML/JSP/JSPX editor
  • Extended Version Control Systems support
  • Rational ClearCase integration
  • Improved JavaScript support
  • Enhanced code analysis
  • Better debugger
  • Multiple user interface improvements
  • Enhanced Java ME supportBetter
  • TeamCity Integration

More information about IntelliJ IDEA 7 Milestone 1, plus a free 30-day trial, can be found at

You may want to also check the Live Demo showing this Milestone release in action.

The IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 Milestone is only a pre-release build of version 7.0 of IntelliJ IDEA which is coming out by the end of this year. Existing IntelliJ IDEA 6.0 customers can benefit from free use of the IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 Milestone until December 31, 2007. Evaluation users can download IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 Milestone 1 for a free 30-day trial. Use of the IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 Milestone 1 is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in a separate License Agreement for Pre-Release Version of IntelliJ IDEA.

April 27, 2007

ReSharper 2.5.2 Released, Uses No-License Evaluation Model

A maintenance release of ReSharper, version 2.5.2., has been released. This version includes a number of bug fixes and a new evaluation model aimed at making things easier for evaluators and users.

In short, there are no more evaluation licenses. Just download, install and enjoy the product for 30 days! We only ask for one thing: after you've tried the software, select Submit Feedback from ReSharper menu and tell us your thoughts. We take feedback seriously.

ReSharper 2.5.2 can be downloaded at

On the topic of evaluation licenses, our ReSharper 3.0 EAP (Early Access Program) has also moved to the new no-license evaluation model. Here's how it works:

  • All EAP builds run under evaluation for 30 days; each EAP build restarts the evaluation period (released about once every two weeks)
  • Nightly builds can be downloaded, installed and used under the latest EAP evaluation; however, they do not renew the evaluation period
  • Also, an evaluation period starts when you first start using the software; it does not start and expire on pre-specified dates like it used to do in previous EAPs

This scheme will provide enough evaluation overlap to span the time between the most stable builds.

April 24, 2007

TeamCity Blog Launched

Dear friends, we're pleased to launch a new blog dedicated solely to TeamCity.

We hope you will find it a useful resource for all things related to TeamCity — news, tips & tricks, links and opinions, and more.

To let you in on the history of TeamCity, which is nearing its second major release, the opening post includes a recap of past and recent TeamCity developments.

Please check in often!

April 7, 2007

IntelliJ IDEA 6.0.5 Blasts Off

IntelliJ IDEA 6.0.5 maintenance release is now available for download.

The key mark of this release is the improved evaluation model. You no longer have to apply for the free 30-day evaluation key. Just download the installation package, setup and get started. Your free evaluation period starts when you first run IntelliJ IDEA.

Other remarkable features include:

  • Tomcat 6 support
  • JUnit 4.2 support
  • Bundled Ant 1.7
  • Keymap for Eclipse users
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements

For complete list of what's been fixed, added and improved, see Release Notes.

March 29, 2007

TeamCity 2.0 Beta Release

JetBrains releases TeamCity 2.0 Beta — a continuous integration and software build management solution aimed at improving the productivity of Java and .NET software development teams.

This version provides enhanced TeamCity server and productivity plugins for Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, and IntelliJ IDEA developers to facilitate their changes integration, improve code quality, monitor the software development process, and improve the team collaboration without breaking the established practices.

IntelliJ IDEA Plugin

The new version of TeamCity provides completely redesigned user interface for accessing TeamCity features within IntelliJ IDEA and improved code quality maintenance features.

  • A toolwindow with Projects and Changes tabs for starting regular builds of your projects, watching the status of changes and monitored projects.
  • Server-side search of code duplicates and analyzing results both in web UI and IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Working with code inspection results in IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Improved viewing of the build results-related data: build log and failed tests.
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Plugin

TeamCity now integrates with Team Foundation Server and Visual SourceSafe version control systems enabling:

  • "Remote run" and "delayed (pre-tested) commit" of your changes to your project code base managed by Team Foundation Server (managing the work items and check-in policies are supported).
  • Watching status of changes and viewing the build results right in Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Navigating from the results of failed tests in TeamCity's web interface to Microsoft Visual Studio editor.
  • Viewing detailed build results, including failed tests and build log.
  • One-click navigation to TeamCity's web interface.
Eclipse Plugin

Highly-anticipated TeamCity's continuous integration possibilities are now available in Eclipse. The plugin provides the following possibilities:

  • "Remote Run" and delayed commit of your changes to the project code base controlled by Subversion.
  • Viewing changes pending for the build.
  • Viewing test results and build log in the Console view.
  • The Watched Projects view allowing to monitor the projects status.
  • Changes view displaying the status of builds triggered by your commits to the version control system.
  • In the Remote Run view, you can explore the changes that you have introduced to the source code, compare the local version of files with the latest version available in the project repository, and trigger a build with your changes on server. If the build succeeds, you changes can be automatically submitted to your Version Control System (now Subversion).
  • Taking responsibility for failed builds right within your IDE.
  • Viewing failed tests, exploring the changes you have introduced to the source code, and comparing the local version of the file with the latest version available in the project repository.
  • One-click navigation to TeamCity's web interface.

To download TeamCity 2.0 Beta and learn more about it, please visit

To find out more about the new features, surf to the "What’s new" page.

March 27, 2007

Jolt Productivity Awards 2007

It's time again for the Jolt Productivity Awards, and once again, JetBrains' tools have brought home the trophies! Our flagship tool, the productivity-focused IDE for Java Developers, IntelliJ IDEA received awards for being a productive Development Environment and a Web Development Tool.

Our newest product, TeamCity, a build management and continuous integration tool for facilitating teamwork, has picked up recognition and a Productivity Award in the Collaboration Tool Category.

It's great to see that our focus on providing more productivity, in more languages, has really been noticed in the industry!

We've always strived to focus our products on boosting developers' and development teams' productivity to help them create industry-leading quality software. We're very happy that our effort received such prestigious awards.

March 23, 2007

ReSharper Personal Licences Are Here!

With the goal of accommodating more of our customers, we have introduced Personal Licences for ReSharper, priced at only $149.

ReSharper Personal License is only for individuals purchasing the license with their own funds and for their personal use. This license permits the use of a fully-functional version of ReSharper by a single person for commercial purposes.

For more details please visit

February 5, 2007

JetBrains' .NET products updated

JetBrains is continuing to polish its line of .NET tools. As of today, maintenances updates are available for dotTrace Profiler 2.0.1, ReSharper 2.0.3, and ReSharper 2.5.1. Each release fixes a number of bugs and also adds stability and performance improvements:

We encourage you to update your tools now and enjoy the increased usability and performance!

January 18, 2007

JetBrains is pleased to announce the release of TeamCity 1.2 — an integrated team environment — aimed at improving the productivity of .NET platform developers

This new version of TeamCity provides:

  • a plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
  • Visual SourceSafe 2005 and 6.0 support

TeamCity integration plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 enables navigation to the results of the failed tests from TeamCity's Build Results page to Microsoft Visual Studio editor in just one click. To achieve this, download the plugin from the My Settings page, TeamCity Add-ons area, come through quite simple installation wizard, set up a project in TeamCity and enjoy the new workflow.

View TeamCity 1.2 flash demo highlighting the integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

See what's new in TeamCity 1.2 and read release notes.

Test-drive our demo server with TeamCity 1.2 installed.

Download TeamCity 1.2.

January 15, 2007

IntelliJ IDEA 6.0.3 is Here

Fresh maintenance release of IntelliJ IDEA v6.0.3 is available for download. This release is primarily aimed at improving performance, but of course, also introduces various bug-fixes and improvements.

See the complete list of what has been done.

IntelliJ IDEA 6.0 users are welcome to download and upgrade at no additional fee.

Users of earlier versions and others may find their upgrade plan.

If you're still deciding whether to upgrade, this article is for you.

January 11, 2007