Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

JetBrains has winter and summer internships as well as flexible year-round part-time positions available for students.

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There are no open intern positions at the moment, please check back later!

All our interns will be involved with real projects, and just like the regular staff members, they will have a high level of autonomy and responsibility given to them in terms of the problems they will concentrate on solving. A JetBrains industry internship gives students the opportunity to become a fully fledged member of the product team, working on challenging issues alongside some of the best developers in their field.

With our internships, you will gain invaluable insight and experience into cutting-edge programming and you will enhance your skills beyond those of a typical internship position. If you are of a more scientific mindset, then JetBrains Research is for you! This enterprise unites several scientific laboratories researching the fields of Bioinformatics, Applied Math, Robotics, and other exciting new sciences.

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There are no open intern positions at the moment, please check back later!

Becoming a Jet Intern


Introducing the projects

The first step to becoming a Jet Intern is to find a project which is interesting to you. To learn about the tasks we have at hand, go to our Jobs page and look for open Internship positions. Since internships are a seasonal affair, be sure to follow the news for any upcoming internship project presentations! Even if you have missed the event itself, you will be able to watch a video recording of it - we usually upload it a couple of days later.


Submitting your application

Once you have found a project that peaks your interest, click the SUBMIT RESUME button and tell us about yourself. In your CV, describe your education, skills, and experience. Complement your CV with a cover letter showing us your strengths and the expectations you have for the internship. Before submitting your application, we strongly recommend you to carefully study the internship project description and the JetBrains product linked to it and to make sure they match your experience and aspirations.


Test assignment

To get through the first selection phase, you will have to complete a test assignment relevant to the project you have chosen. In most cases, test assignments are a set of tasks, but in some cases, you may be asked to write a short essay providing insight into how you are planning to carry out the project.


Application and test review

Your test and application will be assessed by the mentors. This step might take up to two weeks, so we ask you to be patient, and we will definitely get back to you with the results.



After successfully passing the application and test review, you will be invited for an interview at one of our offices (online interviews can also be arranged if needed). At the interview, your mentor will introduce you to the project and will check that your technical knowledge is sufficient to undertake the task. Be prepared to talk about your motivation and make sure to have explored the subject area of the project in advance.



After all the candidates have been interviewed, project supervisors will decide whether to invite you to participate in their project. In some cases, applicants might receive an invitation to interview for another project.

How We Care for Jet Interns

We trust that giving people the freedom to do what they want brings out the best in them.

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There are no open intern positions at the moment, please check back later!

  • Fascinating work in a friendly team of dedicated colleagues
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Spacious and comfortable office with ergonomic workspaces and cozy lounge zones
  • Office gym with washrooms, a massage room, and a recreational area
  • Free meals, snacks, and refreshments