Java/C Developer

RubyMine is a smart Ruby and Ruby on Rails IDE. Launched in 2008, it was the first language-specific IDE based on the IntelliJ platform, and we've been putting our heart and soul into making RubyMine an enjoyable experience for developers across the globe. Among our customers are Twitter, NASA, and New Relic.

The Ruby debugger is one of the central features of RubyMine. The debugger supports many advanced scenarios, such as connecting to a running process on a remote machine or recompiling cached bytecode during debugging. However, with the development of the Ruby virtual machine, the requirements for our debugger, its performance and functionality, tend to increase.

The RubyMine team is looking for an experienced developer with expertise in C and Java to take care of our debugger.

What you will be doing:

  • Supporting and developing the Ruby debugger on the side of both the Ruby Virtual Machine and RubyMine.
  • Cooperating with the Ruby Core team and developing the Ruby interpreter for better integration with the IDE.
  • Working on other runtime-related tools: profiler, coverage, etc.

What we expect from you:

  • 3+ years of commercial development experience in Java, C, or С++.
  • Ability to solve complex and challenging tasks.
  • Appreciation for ergonomic UI design.
  • Ability to design and write code that is easy to read and maintain.
  • Ability to work both in a team and independently.
  • Taking pride in the work you do.

What will be a plus:

  • Experience of contributing to open-source projects or developing projects of your own.
  • Familiarity with Ruby and its virtual machine.
  • Experience with Unix systems.
  • Good English writing skills.




St. Petersburg, Russia
Moscow, Russia
Novosibirsk, Russia
Munich, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands