Java/JVM Developer Advocate

We're looking for a Java/JVM Developer Advocate for IntelliJ IDEA and related technologies. The ideal candidate for this position will be a developer with experience in Java or another JVM language, who has been using IntelliJ IDEA in a professional capacity.

What you will be doing:

  • Creating content, be it tutorials, screencasts, etc.
  • Writing code.
  • Teaching people how to use technologies and JetBrains tools.
  • Speaking at conferences and helping at booths.
  • Giving talks at JetBrains events and/or our partner's events.
  • Interacting with our users.
  • Providing feedback to product teams.
  • Visiting customers onsite.


  • 5+ years of development experience.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Teaching skills.
  • Ability to quickly understand and experiment with new technologies.
  • Willing to travel.
  • Knowledge of IntelliJ IDEA.


  • Knowledge of one or more popular frameworks like Spring / Spring Boot.
  • Experience with Docker or other container technologies.

We're looking for people that do not like to be micromanaged, have the discipline to plan tasks and execute themselves and enjoy the freedom to work.

The team will give mentoring and guidance, we recognize that not everyone has every skill upon taking on a new role.

If you meet these requirements, and more importantly believe in tooling and the work we do at JetBrains, then this might be the position for you!


IntelliJ IDEA


Munich, Germany
Boston (MA), USA
Amsterdam, Netherlands