ML Engineer Intern (CPLD)

Project: Compact Programming Language Detector.

Programming language identification is the task of guessing a programming language by looking at the snippet of source code text. Several open-source solutions exist e.g. linguist and enry  and the NLP community has approached similar problems for natural language identification, mainly through some kind of statistical reasoning.

As part of this project, you will learn how to solve this problem using Neural Networks.

Your goal will be to compare and quantitatively evaluate several different approaches (theoretical complexity, actual runtime performance, predictive power, etc) and implement one from scratch that can run model inference on the JVM without any native dependencies.


We expect you to demonstrate both:

  • Some programming experience in Java, Kotlin, or Scala
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning

Please, note: the candidate’s status and paperwork will have to be reviewed beforehand in order to assess the possibilities of hiring for this position.


Machine Learning Team


Munich, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands