Software Engineer (JVM Runtime)

IntelliJ IDEA appeared on the market for Java software developers since 2000. It was the first development environment to implement automated code refactorings. Today IntelliJ IDEA still drives innovation in software development, making thousands of programmers more productive. It is the only commercial IDE in its segment to successfully compete with multiple free alternatives, year after year. IntelliJ IDEA includes various development tools for other languages such as Ruby, Groovy, Scala, Python and PHP.

You responsibilities:

As part of our team, you will help develop IntelliJ IDEA Platform UI subsystem and OpenJDK based Java Runtime.


  • 4+ years of working experience in C/C++ programming
  • Good knowledge of Java
  • Deep understanding of OOP
  • Multithreaded programming experience
  • Familiar with native UI application development on Unix, Windows or macOS.
  • Ability to optimize and refactor other people's code as well as your own
  • Responsibility, independence, discipline
  • Good teamwork skills


  • Knowledge of other languages and libraries (Objective-C, Swift, OpenGL, D3D, Metal)
  • Familiarity with JVM architecture


IntelliJ IDEA


St. Petersburg, Russia
Moscow, Russia
Novosibirsk, Russia