JetBrains opened a new office in Novosibirsk, the educational and scientific center of Siberia, in autumn 2016.

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The office is located in Akademgorodok, where dozens of research facilities are huddled together within a few blocks. The very atmosphere invites cutting edge innovation as many of the top research institutes and companies are joining the ‘Silicon Forest’.

JetBrains team occupies a floor in a new office building right across from the Academpark, a modern tech startup hub. The office has everything to make a comfortable workspace: breakout areas, meeting rooms, a gym, and a cozy kitchen with a view on the ravishing woodlands surrounding the science town. The Novosibirsk office continues to grow and is home to developers, technical writers, and QA engineers from different JetBrains projects. In cooperation with Novosibirsk State University, we invite some of the brightest students to do an internship with us.

IntelliJ Labs Co. Ltd.
ul. Demakova, 30 (Akademgorodok)
Novosibirsk 630128, Russia