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Cleverlance is a leading Central Europe technology provider of multi tired open solution offering comprehensive services for the implementation, development, and support of Financial, Telecommunication and eGovernance system. With over 170 development specialists, Cleverlance excels in the fields of analysis, design, development and the implementation of applications, including project management, support, or complete outsourcing. Their technological background for development includes comprehensive use and understanding of both J2EE and MS .NET platforms, the most comprehensive database servers and net technologies, including mobile solution.

How does IntelliJ IDEA help?

"We started to use IntelliJ IDEA 3 years ago because it was the most advanced and all around best IDE for server side development. IntelliJ IDEA brought us new features like refactoring, coed completion, real-time error high-light, generation of JavaDoc remarks and online help with direct links to existing JavaDocs."

"IntelliJ IDEA is our selected company standard for J2EE development. Our developers just love it."

"Currently, we most rely on its Intelligent Code Completion features, Code Generation, Quick JavaDocs, Live Templates and basically the rest of its editing features that speed up the development process. Other IntelliJ IDEA code-related features like its Code Inspector and Refactoring tool are widely used by our development teams. Building projects with its integrated Ant support and testing with its integrated JUnit Runner support has become standard at our work.Also, we have come to appreciate IntelliJ IDEA's ability to use 3rd party plugins, such as those for VCS integration and SQL queries because it helps us tweak the IDE to suit various project needs. Last, but not least, we should mention the great debugger with HotSwap feature and Remote debugger support."

Why did you choose IntelliJ IDEA?

"One word: usability. Other IDEs have come a long lately and today they are more or less comparative (at lest in regards to feature list comparisons), but IDEA is usable. Another important feature is its independence when working with applications server. We are using IntelliJ IDEA with JBoss, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere and Oracle iAS and developers don't need to use different IDEs when they are switching between application servers."


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