The JetBrains Story

At JetBrains, we have a passion for making people more productive through smart software solutions that help them focus more what they really want to accomplish, and less on mundane, repetitive "computer busy work".

In the beginning: a better Java™ IDE

As veteran Java developers, we felt bogged down by even the best tools we could find back in 2000. So we set out to build ourselves something better. From those first efforts came
IntelliJ® IDEA, which has been consistently honored with our industry's top awards. That's exciting of course, but what's even better is that Java™ developers the world over continue to tell us that IntelliJ IDEA is simply the best and the most innovative IDE they have ever used. Its unprecedented refactoring support, intelligent coding assistance, and overall usability have helped thousands of developers to shed much of the traditional drudgery of coding, improve their productivity and code quality, and enjoy the craft of programming more.

The next generation

IntelliJ IDEA's success in the Java space, where IntelliJ IDEA effectively raised the bar for an entire industry, encouraged us to begin crafting smart tools for other developers. The first group to benefit from IntelliJ IDEA-inspired technology was C# developers using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. With the release of ReSharper™ in 2004, these developers could take advantage of many of the same productivity boosters – like refactoring and smart coding assistance – that so many Java developers have come to know and love. Having plunged into .NET development, we once again found some gaps in tools offerings, which in 2005 led us to develop and release a new profiler for .NET applications: JetBrains dotTrace.

As our product offering grew, so did the size of our development team, and we discovered that while our individual developers were highly productive using JetBrains development tools, teams kept bumping into issues that slowed or even temporarily halted their progress. We wondered, isn't there something that could help an entire team be as productive as individual developers are with IntelliJ IDEA and ReSharper? We didn't find anything like we envisioned in the market, so once again we set out to build our ideal solution. The result was TeamCity™, released in October, 2006 (but used every day by our development teams long before that!) This cross-platform integrated team environment can significantly boost productivity for both Java and .NET development teams with its continuous integration and testing support, efficient build management, automated team communication, and other smart features.


We later found ourselves, as back in 2000, once again dissatisfied with the general state of things. Only this time, it was tools for managing the barrage of incoming electronic information that is a fact of the internet age. We decided to explore whether we might make a difference in this area and the result was OmeaReader and Omea Pro – smart, innovative solutions for managing today's electronic information glut.

Past and Future: It's all about Productivity

While pursuing interesting technologies and projects such as language-oriented programming and the Meta Programming System, JetBrains continually strives to help developers be both engaged and highly versatile and productive.

As to engaged, we've created a strong on-line community coupled with resources like plugins and technical articles in the Developers Center. Community building through expanded Open API, a plugin extensions repository, and JetBrains-approved and tested Companion Products plus award-winning support continues to attract a strong following for IntelliJ IDEA in the Java development space despite the availability of free Java IDEs.

As to productivity, take recent developments in IntelliJ IDEA as one example. The web has become more and more of a force driving Java development, and IntelliJ IDEA has added wide-ranging support for enterprise (J2EE) and web development with many features rivaling those found in the best specialized tools. We like to keep our focus not on being the biggest... but on being the best, especially when time and productivity are of the essence.

That's the JetBrains story so far, but of course it's an ongoing story. You can stay informed, and even participate by visiting the Developers Center and becoming part of the JetBrains community.