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Aesthetics play an important role in product design. Not only do aesthetics evoke feelings and ignite the senses, but sleek designs can promote efficient functionality. In our Design team, we see the power aesthetics at work. We confront the fascinating challenge of determining what influences will elicit pleasant emotions so that we can provide our audience with an engaging experience.

Yulia Repina

“There are already more than twenty people on our team. Our diversity is our strength, helping us solve tasks that are varied in scope and complexity and find non-trivial solutions. We work closely with each other and interact with a huge number of teams within the company. We love what we do and know how to captivate others.”

Yulia Repina, Team Lead in Design

Daniil Komov

"Our team is made up of talented individuals, each specializing in their own area: you can learn from them, ask for advice, or just have a chat. JetBrains makes products that we use ourselves—that’s why we receive our tasks from people who know both the product and its audience well."

Daniil Komov, Designer

Alexander Naumov

“Constant communication with extraordinary people, dozens of conferences attended, hundreds of hours of recorded presentations, working at the intersection of technology and visual art—this is what makes me really enjoy my work. I always come up with new ideas for both current tasks and new projects.”

Alexander Naumov, Videographer

Evgenia Pupysheva

“JetBrains offers plenty of opportunities to try out new areas for yourself. You explore, learn, and analyze to make the best project possible, so that it satisfies not just you but everyone involved.”

Evgenia Pupysheva, Designer

Kirill Malich

“JetBrains is a great place to work at the intersection of technology and creativity. I’ve learned a lot from fellow designers and developers: I now know more about development in general and all sorts of different details, and use a lot of this in my daily work.

We enjoy the freedom to decide what responsibility to take on and how to implement our ideas. I think it's awesome.”

Kirill Malich, Team Lead in Motion Design

Elena Alieva

“To create something cool, it is important not only to consider the technical capacities at hand but also to allow yourself to take risks. Teamwork helps you find a balance between your vision and the suggestions and criticism of your colleagues.”

Elena Alieva, Designer

Vladimir Grigoriev

“We don’t chase figures: there is always time to find the right solution for the best result. JetBrains is home to many interesting people, and you learn something from them all the time, going beyond your usual responsibilities.”

Vladimir Grigoriev, Team Lead in Kotlin Design

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