Digital Marketing team

As Digital Marketers at JetBrains, we have to really understand our customers, both internal and external, and their needs.

Our team works with many different product and non-product teams. Each team has unique objectives and requirements, which call for a dedicated approach. Their goals can range from anything from driving traffic to their pages to increasing brand and product awareness. Our main goal is to help them meet their objectives so they can deliver important information to the relevant audience at the right place and at the right time and help our users find this information online.

In addition to expertise in digital marketing, our work requires a combination of various skills: a basic understanding of UX, web development and design, as well as the ability to react quickly and invent new solutions especially when it comes to “surprise” updates from platforms. And, of course, we need to be experts in web analytics and be able to configure analytics tools and interpret data.

Roman Prokhashev

“As Digital Marketers, we test various platforms and tools, searching for the best solutions that will help us deliver relevant messages to our tech-savvy audience at the right time. We work not only on creating product marketing campaigns but also with promoting cool and useful content created by our colleagues.”

Roman Prokhashev, Team Lead

Mariia Degtiareva

“To build a strong digital marketing strategy, you need to research your audience in different ways. You need to be not only a marketer but also an analyst. Every day we solve interesting tasks on how to find an approach that reaches our users, and I can say that it is a special skill - not just to sell a product, but show how cool the product is so that people want to use and recommend it.”

Mariia Degtiareva, Digital Marketing Specialist

Kristina Kuznetsova

“Digital marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools. But, we are working with the IT audience, which has its own specific demands. When working with different ad channels, the key point for me is to understand how people will react to our promo activity, because the audience's attitude towards our advertising can influence further relationships with our brand.”

Kristina Kuznetsova, Digital Marketing Specialist

Anastasia Valieva

“Diversity of tasks, that’s what I love about my work. Today, I can be an analyst writing complex SQL queries; tomorrow, I will be a manager thinking over the concept and details of an advertising campaign; and the day after tomorrow, I’ll become an experimenter, launching new tests. I never get bored, because every day I can take on a different role.”

Anastasia Valieva, Digital Marketing Specialist

Pavel Ivanov

“For me, digital marketing is a captivating combination of processes that demand an understanding of not only how the internet works, but also of cognitive and behavioral psychology. At JetBrains, it is also about building a relationship and engaging with our audience.”

Pavel Ivanov, Digital Marketing Specialist