MPS Team

We are proud of how more and more industries are discovering the benefits of creating their Domain-specific Languages (DSLs) using MPS. We feel it is our responsibility as one of the key players in this area to create a tool to support them and match their business needs.

Numbers have proved us right

MPS began as a research prototype with the goal of changing the paradigm of how programming is done. 10 years later, MPS has shown its worth and is being used every day to solve complex real-world problems. Our clients are using it across a diverse spectrum of areas ranging from the automotive industry and healthcare to calculating tax returns for an entire country.

Everybody believes

Our whole team believes in the technology we are building. The growth and success of the community, and watching all the impressive projects putting MPS to good use is our greatest reward.

Vaclav Pech

“After all the years of exploration and development, I’m happy to see the growing number of organizations who build their DSLs in MPS. These DSL projects are coming from different domains like healthcare, legislation, manufacturing, gamification, insurance, and bioinformatics. Many of these projects have set very ambitious goals to change how software is created. I’m excited to be a part of this software revolution!”

Vaclav Pech, Developer Advocate for MPS

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If you believe in the infinite potential of technology, challenging the status quo, and innovating better ways of doing things, send us your CV with a letter outlining why you would like to join our MPS team.

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