Market Research
and Analytics Team

Our job is not just about processing data.
We help identify the problems and offer the optimal solution.

Processing data is just the tip of the iceberg. What we do is help our colleagues identify the problems they have and try to offer them the optimal solution to resolve them. Our work includes running surveys, using machine learning, conducting interviews, and developing data dashboards to make the process of decision making in marketing, sales, and product development more effective.

Anastasia Sichkarenko

“We provide data for other JetBrains teams so they can make sure their products are using the latest information from the community and can better meet the needs of our users.”

Anastasia Sichkarenko, Surveys Team Lead

Maria Antropova

“Working on our team, you have to be a bit of a developer, a bit of a psychologist, and a bit of a negotiator with great attention to detail. Simple as they seem, surveys can be the hardest part of our job. We collect huge amounts of data from across the globe to gain representative insight into specifics such as the state of the industry, so decisions that are made with the information we share are properly informed.”

Maria Antropova, Team Lead

Vasiliy Kaminskiy

“Our background researching thousands of hypotheses has given us experience in a broad range of data sources and research methods, both quantitative and qualitative. However, experience is only part of our professional story. Empathy for our users and colleagues and the synergy of skills combined drives diverse and meaningful research insights that we are happy to share.”

Vasiliy Kaminskiy, Data Science Research Team Lead

Kirill Zorin

“To provide reliable results to other teams, we can’t just extract some data from a data source, we have to dig into the data, apply proper methods and techniques, extract new information, and then connect the result with business needs and goals.”

Kirill Zorin, Technical Lead

Stanislav Tikhomirov

“With our broad knowledge of research practices, we help other teams to identify and address the real needs of our users. However, we believe that knowledge we generate can be useful for others—that is why we actively share our insights with the development community in the form of infographics.”

Stanislav Tikhomirov, UX Research & ResearchOps Team Lead

Olga Vorobeva

“When I’m asked why an IT company needs social science, I answer that developers need to know what to develop based on a profound understanding of their community, the differences between groups in that community, and their needs, expectations, customs, beliefs, and attitudes. Our team uses the qualitative research methods of social science to help product teams deliver exactly what their community needs in the ways they expect.”

Olga Vorobeva, UX Researcher

Zinaida Yanauer

“Our team’s research scope has been growing significantly. We engage in a wide range of business research helping colleagues identify high-potential geographies, analyze markets, and discover trends. By using the facilitation approach and techniques, we explore the internal company ecosystem, discover teams’ needs and goals, and manage product naming projects and decision-making processes.”

Zinaida Yanauer, Business & Market Insights Team Lead

We find, gather, and process huge amounts of data, develop the entire research infrastructure, and deliver insights to our colleagues at JetBrains and the outside community.

We search and collect

  • Surveys
  • Interviews / UX-research
  • Information integration from internal sources

We process and develop

  • Modeling and Predictive analytics
  • Survey construction and data analysis infrastructure
  • Visualization tools

We deliver insights

  • Technological research
  • Product research and Statistics
  • User Personas
  • Local Markets research
  • Dashboards and automated reports
  • Survey Infographics, Reports, and Visualization

Fancy joining our team?

If you are fascinated by data, research, and insights that are helpful to the business, send us your CV with a letter explaining why you would like to join our Market Research and Analytics team.

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