RubyMine Team

We believe that Ruby is an exceptional language. Being engaged with something so extraordinary gives us power to create and makes us feel special. And we feel the same way about our users.


“I want RubyMine to prove that IDEs for dynamically typed languages can be so much more intelligent than they are today.”

Vladimir, software developer

From idea to production

In our small team, ideas don’t have to scrape through loads of approvals and never get lost in discussions. It takes few steps for a concept to get into production. While everyone in the team is given room for decision-making and enjoys responsibility, we listen to each other, and cross-review is essential to our work. It helps us overcome failures, learn, and grow as a team.

Playing in hard mode

The intricacies of Ruby make our job both challenging and exciting. We face tasks which have never been tackled before. We invent and implement new approaches to dynamic language analysis and believe that a good IDE can neutralise any quirk of the language.


“When I talk to our users, I feel that these people are different. It has a ground: those who write in a particular language have a certain set of mind. As a support engineer, I judge by the users. And our users are awesome!”

Olga, support engineer

Fancy joining our team?

At RubyMine, we have some ambitious projects in mind, both technical and educational. If you feel you can make our product and Ruby community stronger, drop us a note together with your CV.

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