The Toolbox App team

Toolbox App is a small but very powerful app. It began as a Hackathon project back in 2015, developed in 2 days by a small group of passionate JetBrains developers with a big vision. Quite soon it became one of the most popular tools among JetBrains users. We see how its userbase grows every month and are excited to see that more than 1 million users are finding the tool useful these days.

Our team is distributed across Munich, Prague, and Cyprus. Our work includes product development, UI and UX, research, analytics, testing, and communicating with the users. We love that we bring value to our users and simplify their everyday developer processes.

At the Toolbox team, we believe that tools for development must be smart, fast, functional, and easy to deal with. That’s why we pay attention to every detail while developing the product.

Victor Kropp

“The Toolbox App is invisible most of the time and just does its job in the background, removing unnecessary distraction for hundreds of thousands of our users. But behind the scenes, we work hard to provide all the new tools, releases, and features in a timely manner. We collaborate intensively with all the other teams at JetBrains to ensure everything works as intended.”

Victor Kropp, Team Lead

Konstantin Bulenkov

“If the product saves time and efforts, and has a clear benefit, then its popularity will grow. I like that with the Toolbox App we help more than half a million developers.”

Konstantin Bulenkov, Project Coordinator

Anna Kuznetsova

“I joined the Toolbox App team as an intern, and today I release new features to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. It’s so exciting to receive cool feedback from the users on the features that you created.”

Anna Kuznetsova, Software Developer

Anna Kozhevnikova

“Being an IT-loving person, I realize how many technologies a software developer has to use nowadays. Toolbox App really helps JetBrains users to stay in touch with professional tools and products, so I’ve joined the Toolbox App team as a support engineer to help its users.”

Anna Kozhevnikova, Support Engineer

Marina Kovaleva

“The people in our team are supportive, smart, open-minded, and have lots of initiative. It’s very easy to be energetic and productive in such an atmosphere. I love working in the Toolbox App team and the freedom we have to create and implement our ideas and the shared belief to stay honest with our marketing.”

Marina Kovaleva, Product Marketing Manager

Eugene Petrenko

“Most of us at JetBrains had their owns scripts to download, unpack, and configure for a fresh IntelliJ IDEA or other IDE for daily use. I’ve stopped using my own script after we made Toolbox App”

Eugene Petrenko, Software Developer

Fancy joining our team?

At Toolbox, we have some ambitious projects in the works. If you feel you can make our product stronger, drop us a note together with your CV.

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