The WebTeam

The WebTeam is in charge of JetBrains' customer-facing sites. Whether we are making a website page, infographics, or a landing page, we always strive to create an interactive, exciting, reliable, and consistent user experience for website visitors.

Ekaterina Musienko

“The constellation of JetBrains websites, where every site, every service requires a clever balance of unity and diversity of approaches is impossible without a unique collaboration of top-notch professionals keeping themselves in shape at the cutting edge of technology. I'm incredibly lucky to work in such a smart and friendly team, where every day brings new knowledge and pours in new strength, all that is necessary to set ambitious tasks and respond to new challenges.”

Ekaterina Musienko, Team Lead

Elena Ganenkova

“I have been working with the WebTeam since 2014 and have had the pleasure of seeing how we grow. It has been a challenge to increase the department by more than 30 people while still preserving the caring atmosphere we have and letting people choose their area of growth. I believe every member of our team is strongly invested in staying true to our values. No matter how big the team is, we still treat each other like more than just coworkers. We are family.”

Elena Ganenkova, Frontend Developer

Denis Domanskii

“It is a very difficult task to build a process that will ensure quality in the face of daily releases, tight deadlines, and a large number of developers. The openness of the team and the willingness to try new approaches in development and testing, coupled with the desire to create a high-quality product, make solving this problem not only possible, but also exciting.”

Denis Domanskii, QA Engineer

Dmitry Konchalenkov

“The WebTeam is where passionate people have the freedom to create great things. Technologies change; requirements change. Yet it never ceases to amaze me how people stick to the core values of the team: creativity, transparency, friendliness, and accountability, all while keeping a practical, no-nonsense attitude towards the work.”

Dmitry Konchalenkov, Product Manager

Egor Malyshev

“Even though I've been working with the WebTeam for about eight years now, and done many different things in that time, nothing about the WebTeam is ever boring. It is just as interesting as it was on my first day.”

Egor Malyshev, WebHelp Team Lead

Andrey Grandilevskiy

“The work here is a rather interesting combination. On the one hand, there are interesting complex tasks, and on the other, there are comfortable conditions for performing them. Combined, you get incredible satisfaction from your work.”

Andrey Grandilevskiy, Frontend Developer

Ruslan Zlygostev

“Smart and responsive people work here. Working with this team is like working with a perfectly fine-tuned clockwork mechanism. Everyone knows and does their job very well, yet there is the freedom to develop in any direction and realize your full potential. I have never seen such team cohesion anywhere else.”

Ruslan Zlygostev, Frontend Developer

Olga Narochnaya

“Creating and supporting thousands of web-pages for our users is a big challenge for a QA engineer. I'm happy to be a part of a team of people who care about quality and are eager to face these challenges together.”

Olga Narochnaya, QA Engineer

Alexey Kireev

“Our work involves a lot of creativity and a variety of challenging tasks, so for me 8 years just flew by imperceptibly. The team has a very friendly atmosphere. We have the opportunity to influence work processes, share experiences, and improve ourselves – all while being inspired and encouraged by our colleagues.”

Alexey Kireev, Lead Frontend Developer in WebHelp

Fancy joining our team?

In the WebTeam, we don’t shy away from ambitious challenges, and we create technically complex yet elegant and creative experiences. If you share our passion for the Web, please send us a cover letter along with your CV.

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