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This page contains items and links for JetBrains-related news published after January 1, 2012. News published before January 1, 2011 can be found in the news archive.

29.07.2013 JetBrains publie YouTrack 5.0
29.07.2013 JetBrains Sharpens YouTrack
24.07.2013 Xcode-Alternative für iOS- und Mac-Entwickler mit AppCode
An solche Entwickler, die mit Xcode unzufrieden sind, richtet sich die Objective-C-IDE AppCode. Die Macher der unter Java-Experten populären IntelliJ Idea-Entwicklungsumgebung bietet damit eine leistungsstarke Lösung, die Xcode zwar nicht vollständig ersetzten, aber in vielen Fällen gut ergänzen kann.
23.07.2013 Google's Android Studio Simplifies Mobile App Development
Although new, the product is actually based on the popular IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition and was indeed a collaboration between JetBrains (the developer of IntelliJ IDEA) and Google. As such, users of the IntelliJ IDEA will discover the product actually isn't all that new, but has a few new features.
23.07.2013 RubyMine 5 Bids To Expand Ruby Development Diversity
19.07.2013 ReSharper 8.0 kommt mit Kommandozeilenversion
19.07.2013 ReSharper 8.0 For Visual Studio 2013
19.07.2013 ReSharper 8 ist da
19.07.2013 ReSharper 8.0 with Visual Studio 2013, IntelliSense, XAML and Blue Theme First Support
26.06.2013 Podcast 57 – Looking at AppCode
21.06.2013 TeamCity 8 brings better organisation to continuous integration
21.06.2013 ReSharper 8: Neue Navigationsmethoden
20.06.2013 Eclipse vs. IntelliJ IDEA: Religionskrieg im Mobilbereich
IntelliJ ist mit Sicherheit die "intelligentere" IDE. Die Auto-Korrekturvorschläge und der generierte Code zeigen teilweise eine verblüffende Menge an Eigenintelligenz. Die Behebung von Fehlern funktioniert meist zuverlässiger als unter Eclipse, toString()- und andere Standardmethoden entstehen wie von Zauberhand – zumindest dann, wenn man die dazu notwendige Tastenkombination kennt.
31.05.2013 Talking Android Studio with JetBrains' Dmitry Jemerov
31.05.2013 Comparing XCode and Android Developer Tools: Google's Catching Up
23.05.2013 第1回 Android Studio,そしてベースとなる「IntelliJ IDEA」とは何か
22.05.2013 First look: Android Studio eclipses Eclipse
Although the branding is "Android Studio" and the software comes directly from Google's servers, most Java developers will immediately recognize the toolkit as a version of IntelliJ IDEA, the IDE from JetBrains with a fanatical following. I've known developers who will prattle on about the virtues of running a purely open source shop but change their tune when it comes to IntelliJ. One almost sneered at me for not being professional enough to invest $699 in a great tool that can save hours of work.
20.05.2013 Google Launches First Dedicated Android IDE
17.05.2013 Google I/O inundates and overwhelms
Google unveiled an early-access preview form of Android Studio, a tool based on the community edition of the JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA IDE for Java that features Android-specific refactoring and Lint tools to catch performance issues.
16.05.2013 Android Studio: A New IDE from Google Based on IntelliJ IDEA
16.05.2013 Google engineers: We're trying to fix Android fragmentation
15.05.2013 [Google I/O] 53-Minute Android Developer Tools Session Video Shows Everything You Want To Know About Android Studio IDE
Yesterday Google launched an early access preview of Android Studio, an integrated development environment (IDE) for Android based on IntelliJ IDEA.
15.05.2013 Google eases Android app development with a new IDE
"The pivot around the IntelliJ IDE is a shift for Google," noted Al Hilwa, who covers application development software for IDC, in an email interview. IntelliJ "is less complex and more friendly than Eclipse and should help Android reach a broader section of developers," Hilwa wrote.
15.05.2013 Google Rolls out New IDE, APIs at Annual Developer Conference
15.05.2013 Android tooling? Yes. New Android OS? No
The company unveiled Android Studio, a development tool based on the community edition the JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA IDE for Java.
15.05.2013 Google présente de nombreux outils développeurs, dont Android Studio basé sur IntelliJ
15.05.2013 Android Studio, el nuevo IDE de Google para desarrollar en Android
15.05.2013 Google announces Android Studio: An IDE built just for Android developers
Android Studio, according to Google, will make developers "faster and more productive," and is a replacement for Eclipse. Android Studio is built off of the IntelliJ IDEA. <...>According to Tapadoo founder Dermot Daly, moving to an IntelliJ-based IDE is smart, as many Java developers rate its performance above that of Eclipse. Eclipse is now passe.
13.05.2013 IntelliJ IDEA sort en version 12.1 L'environnement de d?veloppement « Java intelligent » introduit le support de JavaFX 2
24.04.2013 Configuring Eclipse with Apache Tomcat and Ext JS
At this point some people will start thinking, "Doesn't he know that IntelliJ IDE or WeFbStorm are the best for JavaScript?" I know. I was not sitting under the rock.
22.04.2013 JVM Languages Report extended interview with Kotlin creator Andrey Breslav
16.04.2013 IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 Lands with JavaFX 2.0 Support
09.04.2013 JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 Sharpens Up, And Up
04.04.2013 IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 supports JavaFX 2
02.04.2013 Xcode-Alternative für iOS- und Mac-Entwickler mit AppCode
26.03.2013 Реактивные мозги
22.03.2013 An Objective-C IDE Done Right?
JetBrains is essentially allowing Objective-C developers to get the most out of popular unit testing frameworks, documentation browsers, and web development tools.
20.03.2013 AppCode 2.0 IDE de Objective-C
20.03.2013 JetBrains releases AppCode 2.0
Tim Anderson's
10.01.2013 IntelliJ IDEA: the best IDE for programming Android?
"Is this [IntelliJ IDEA] the best IDE for Android development? There is the mighty Eclipse of course; but while Eclipse can do most things, I am not surprised to see comments like this: Usability: Intellij user experience is much easier to grasp. The learning curve in Intellij is by far faster. It seems using Intellij makes developing easier and more natural. Dropdowns, code completion, quick view, project wizards, etc, are all possible both in Eclipse and Intellij, but the experience in Intellij is much more satisfying."
31.12.2012 Significant Software Development Developments of 2012
27.12.2012 What will 2013 bring? Developers place their bets
19.12.2012 PhpStorm 5 e l'Early Access Program della versione 6
12.12.2012 IntelliJ IDEA 12 Supports Java 8
12.12.2012 JVM Language Kotlin Hits Milestone 4
12.12.2012 Fourth Kotlin milestone adds annotation tool
08.12.2012 Java IDE "IntelliJ IDEA 12" correspondence 8 Java, Android UI design feature has been added appeared
07.12.2012 JetBrains Releases IntelliJ IDEA 12
07.12.2012 12 of IntelliJ IDEA for Android GUI wizard and the ability to write in Scala
06.12.2012 IntelliJ gets a makeover for speed, Java 8
06.12.2012 IntelliJ IDEA 12 shows its darker side and introduces Java 8 support
It's another comprehensive update to the vastly popular IDE, with several of the community's most-wanted features included - testament to a company that knows its audience very well.
06.12.2012 IntelliJ Releases IDEA 12, Brings Improved UI, New Compiler Mode, Android UI Designer, And More
06.12.2012 IntelliJ IDEA 12 gets new interface, compiler mode and Android Designer
06.12.2012 IntelliJ gets a makeover for speed, Java 8
06.12.2012 The development environment IntelliJ Idea 12 is closer to Android
06.12.2012 IntelliJ IDEA 12 illuminates the dark side of programming productive
06.12.2012 JetBrains unveils the final version of IntelliJ IDEA 12
27.11.2012 Development tools for dynamic languages — Programmer picks
23.11.2012 Programmer picks: 7 tools for HTML5, Ruby, Python, and more
23.11.2012 Developer Break: 4D, dotCover, Plumbr, TX Spell, Live SDK
19.11.2012 A Long Look at JVM Languages
17.11.2012 JetBrains ReSharper 7.1 Fixes 300 Bugs
15.11.2012 Programmer picks: 7 tools for HTML5, Ruby, Python, and more
14.11.2012 WebStorm 5 IDE provides powerful editing features and instant feedback for Web developers
14.11.2012 ReSharper 7.1 est disponible : de nombreuses améliorations au programme/ ReSharper 7.1 is available: many improvements in program
13.11.2012 Review: WebStorm 5 IDE provides powerful editing features and instant feedback for Web developers
So why should you spend $49 on WebStorm, a development environment for JavaScript, HTML, and CSS? The answer is that it might turn you into a better developer.
01.10.2012 Visual Studio Magazine 2012 Readers Choice Winners
Visual Studio extension ReSharper is the code-coverage utility of choice for VSM readers, taking gold in the General Development Tools category again this year, and maintaining its ranking as the top vote-getter in the Readers Choice Awards. Long considered a valuable inspection and refactoring tool, it's probably hard to find .NET developers without it.
13.10.2012 9 programming tools for maximizing HTML5
10.10.2012 Technology Radar, October 2012
Apple's mobile devices are going strong and native apps are a cornerstone of their success. Writing these native apps has become much more pleasant and productive since JetBrains launched AppCode, an IDE for iOS and OS X development that replicates the strengths of their IDEs for other platform.
01.10.2012 Gute Qualität in JavaScript mit Jenkins und PHPStorm/WebStorm
26.09.2012 JetBrains' dotCover 2.0 Now Includes Improved Unit Testing Capabilities
21.09.2012 Kotlin M3 brings important additions to fledgling JVM language
18.09.2012 JetBrains PhpStorm 5.0 Aligns To Symfony2 and Yii
14.09.2012 Building Your Own Java
13.09.2012 PhpStorm 5.0 and WebStorm 5.0 include live editing preview
12.09.2012 JetBrains PhpStorm 5.0 Provides New PHP Framework Support
06.09.2012 Python 3.3 support comes to PyCharm 2.6
28.08.2012 Stepping through the precompiled assemblies with .NET Reflector
JetBrains DotPeek (Picture 6) is one of the most advanced .NET decompilers. It has good code generation quality, and it will try to fetch code from source servers if it's available. DotPeek's navigation features and keyboard shortcuts are very convenient. It has accurate search for symbol usages and supports plugins. DotPeek does not include Visual Studio integration.
28.08.2012 Stepping through the precompiled assemblies with .NET Reflector
JetBrains DotPeek (Picture 6) is one of the most advanced .NET decompilers. It has good code generation quality, and it will try to fetch code from source servers if it's available. DotPeek's navigation features and keyboard shortcuts are very convenient. It has accurate search for symbol usages and supports plugins. DotPeek does not include Visual Studio integration.
21.08.2012 JetBrains' AppCode IDE speeds up Objective-C development
13.08.2012 PhpStorm — Review and Give Away
PHPStorm's intellisense is mind-blowing. The aforementioned autocomplete across classes in a project is great, and the autocomplete on the selection of IDE commands is a great idea, but it offers intellisense for JavaScript, HTML, and CSS as well. No other IDE has fulfilled the need for this so completely.
06.08.2012 Developer Break: Dart, DotTrace, Azure and YUI
03.08.2012 JetBrains veröffentlicht dotTrace Performance 5.2
28.07.2012 Editorial Review of WebStorm
WebStorm solves a problem that many Web developers don't know they have—but once you give it a chance, you may never look back. It may even get you started on your first serious project. At $49 for a personal developer license, this app offers excellent value for money.
27.07.2012 JetBrains ReSharper 7 Supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, Metro Style App Dev
27.07.2012 ReSharper 7 set for Visual Studio 2012 and WinRT
26.07.2012 ReSharper 7.0 is released
24.07.2012 Jolt Productivity Award: JetBrains dotTrace 5.1
JetBrains, the company that made its stripes with the high-end Java IDE, has long been a well-respected player in the .NET programming space on the strength of its ReSharper product. Its dotTrace performance and memory profiler might not be as well known, but it is certainly the best app profiler for .NET development. What distinguishes dotTrace 5.1 is its ease of use. It is a plugin that runs directly from Visual Studio and can run against any .NET binaries, including those on a remote machine. It offers data in a single snapshot or over many long runs to get the full application memory and performance profile. The resulting data is presented in a variety of useful formats that invite drilling down to see where the bottlenecks are occurring. You can drill down to a specific line of code, if you wish. Another feature captures program execution tracing so that you can see every function as it was called, what it called in turn, and who called it. This new version adds the ability to decompile code in the profiler when you discover a hotspot in a library for which you don't have the code. You can see the decompiled code and get some idea of which function is the culprit. This release has also shifted to monitoring remote machines via HTTP, rather than the earlier proprietary protocol. This step greatly simplifies set up and facilitates performance profiling of Web applications. This product will continue to solidify JetBrain's reputation as the top designer of code-level tools for developers.
20.07.2012 mbeddr: Embedded-Entwicklung mit erweiterbarem C
13.07.2012 ReSharper 7 Adds Windows 8 Support, New Languages
02.07.2012 JetBrains Announces YouTrack 4.0 Issue Tracking Software with New Agile Module
02.07.2012 JetBrains YouTrack 4 Advocates Agile
As wary as the industry naturally gets when a vendor decides to label a new product iteration as a major release, it appears that JetBrains' latest update to its issue tracking and Agile project management system may be of some substance. The keyboard-oriented YouTrack tool has been updated with a "completely new" independent Agile project management module.
29.06.2012 JetBrains Ships YouTrack 4.0 Agile Dev Tool
29.06.2012 Agile project management with YouTrack 4.0
29.06.2012 JetBrains Ships YouTrack 4.0 Agile Dev Tool
20.06.2012 dotCover 2.0 Adds Integrated Unit Test Runner and Visual Studio 2012 Support
19.06.2012 JetBrains Ships dotCover 2.0 .NET Code Coverage Tool
12.06.2012 JVM-Targeted Kotlin M2 Released
06.06.2012 New JVM alternative Kotlin M2 appears
Kotlin is looking good, but what comes next might set it apart from the plethora of JVM languages.
04.06.2012 Kotlin M2 now runs on Android too
30.05.2012 Vaclav Pech and Alexander Shatalin on MPS
23.05.2012 Decompiler Delights: dotPeek for .NET
In terms of developer usage, dotPeek's mission is to make high-quality decompiling available to everyone in the .NET community at no cost.
20.05.2012 JetBrains DotPeek Decompiler Released
Just a quick note, if you want a decompiler for .NET, JetBrains, publishers of Resharper, my favorite Visual Studio add-in utility have released theirs and it's called dotPeek at version 1.0 and it's free.
14.05.2012 dotPeek 1.0 : Jetbrains propose un décompilateur .Net gratuit
14.05.2012 Kostenloser .NET Decompiler von JetBrains
11.05.2012 dotPeek — A Free .NET Decompiler
11.05.2012 JetBrains Ships Free .NET Decompiler
27.04.2012 JetBrains Releases New Version of dotTrace Performance
23.04.2012 Jet Brains tunes JavaScript IDE for Harmony
20.04.2012 JetBrains WebStorm 4.0 in Harmony with ECMAScript
18.04.2012 JetBrains Ships WebStorm 4.0 JavaScript IDE
12.04.2012 JVM rookie Kotlin gets first milestone release
It's an excellent start and we can only expect the JetBrains team to add in futher tidbits to make Kotlin a language to keep an eye on. The future's bright for this JVM rookie, especially coming from the JetBrains team — congratulations on seeing your year's work come to fruition guys!
06.04.2012 JetBrains: Massive Update to IntelliJ IDEA IDE
30.03.2012 JetBrains improves IntelliJ IDEA with version 11.1
23.03.2012 Dynamic .NET Process Profiling From JetBrains
21.03.2012 dotTrace 5.0 steht zum Download bereit
20.03.2012 JetBrains releases new .NET performance profiler
15.03.2012 JetBrains hat Objective-C-IDE AppCode 1.5 präsentiert
29.02.2012 JetBrains Announces TeamCity 7.0
29.02.2012 Kotlin Goes Open Source
24.02.2012 Writing Kotlin Code (video) | Dr Dobb's
23.02.2012 Continuous Integration mit TeamCity 7
22.02.2012 Ruby IDE Roundup: JetBrains Releases Rubymine 4.0, Ruby for NetBeans 7.1 in the Works
22.02.2012 Kotlin Goes Open Source
22.02.2012 Javaa ei olisi koskaan pitänyt luoda
20.02.2012 La première version de Kotlin, le "super Java" de JetBrains, est accessible en ligne: The first version of Kotlin, the "super Java" JetBrains, is available online
16.02.2012 JetBrains optimise son IDE Ruby
16.02.2012 RubyMine 4 mit neuen Funktionen und mehr Performance
14.02.2012 Kotlin Open Sourced
14.02.2012 Java-alternative Kotlin now available as open source
14.02.2012 JetBrains open-sources Kotlin language
14.02.2012 The JVM As Language Farm Club
Kotlin, which is presented in depth in our Language of the Month feature, is designed by JetBrains, which is unarguably the company with the finest reputation for programming tools. Its IntelliJ IDEA, ReSharper, and RubyMine IDEs are all top of the line products. Many of them, especially the first two, elicit feelings of deep affection and admiration from their users. As a long time IntelliJ IDEA user myself, I share those feelings of admiration and occasionally delight.
The fast compilation and runtime plus the superior tooling JetBrains will deliver move Kotlin to the top of my list of JVM languages.
14.02.2012 High-level JVM/JavaScript language Kotlin gets open-sourced
Kotlin aims to remove some common pitfalls of Java, including null pointer exceptions, while adding features such as higher-order functions, mixins and pattern matching. A handy comparison page details the similarities and differences between Kotlin and the the popular Java-compatible language Scala, key improvements being simplicity of syntax and compile-time.
02.02.2012 IntelliJ IDEA 11 — What is New
20.01.2012 Language of the Month: Kotlin
The JetBrains team releases a JVM language that compiles and runs as fast as Java. It adds a multitude of new features, many of which are coated with syntactical sugar and pixie dust borrowed from Groovy and Scala.
19.01.2012 Review of IntelliJ IDEA: Commercial Java development tool or Eclipse?
The trade-off is that while Eclipse wins easily on the number of plug-ins available, IDEA has the cleaner and more cohesive design that you would expect from a tool created by a single supplier, and less chance of encountering the dependency hell that Eclipse can sometimes create.
"It's hard to put my finger on it, but the exact same functionality in IntelliJ feels more streamlined and easier to use than in Eclipse – enough that I would pay for it even though there is a full-featured free IDE available," writes one software engineer on programming forum Stackoverflow.
18.01.2012 PhpStorm 3.0, nuove feature per lo sviluppo PHP
13.01.2012 Editorial Review of PhpStorm
This happens to me all the time: I am watching a movie, and the camera zooms in on a computer monitor showing the hero performing some impossible feat of tech wizardry. I find myself thinking, "Come on, things are never this slick in real life." Well, if a movie showed PhpStorm, I would probably be thinking that exact same thought.
13.01.2012 IDE's and Developer tools, current state and future
13.01.2012 Have You Tried AppCode by JetBrains Yet?
So give it a shot and see if this product is right for your coding workflow. If you aren't ready for it yet or not coding enough Objective-C to justify the purchase, keep your ear to the ground for the future because AppCode is only going to get better.
12.01.2012 Erste Erfahrungen mit Java-Alternative Kotlin sammeln
11.01.2012 Project Kotlin unveiled to the public
04.01.2012 Neue Javascript-Funktionen für WebStorm 3.0
02.01.2012 Xcode's not the only option anymore
21.12.2011 IntelliJ IDEA 11