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2011 News

13.12.2011 Modular embedded development with mbeddr C previewed
Embedded software developers can now take an early first look at mbeddr C, a modular C version for embedded systems based on JetBrains' Meta Programming System (MPS). The newly released source code includes core files, sample code and documentation, with the actual C extension expected to follow sometime next year.

09.12.2011 Keeping Scala Fresh(er)
The recently-released JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA 11 contains Scala support out of the box for both commercial and community editions.

07.12.2011 Another bright IDEA from JetBrains. IntelliJ IDEA 11 released
The IntelliJ team always seem to save all their best enhancements right for their annual update and this year is no exception. IntelliJ IDEA 11 isn't just stocking fillers but the new release really does enhance the development environment tenfold with huge improvements.

30.11.2011 Major New Release of PHP IDE
Designers are well served by tools for creating web pages but developers used to struggle to find a convincing IDE to help them create server-side HTML with PHP. JetBrains PhpStorm extends WebStorm with full-fledged support for PHP. Version 3.0 is now out.

03.11.2011 Review: JetBrains AppCode for Objective C
The best thing I can say about AppCode is that it is a pleasure to use. It does not throw up unnecessary dialogs, it works logically, and the tools are easy to use and configure. I have not always found this to be the case with Xcode, and if you spend a significant amount of your time on Objective C development then I recommend grabbing the trial download to discover if it will speed your work.

02.11.2011 JetBrains WebStorm 2.0 and PHPStorm 2.0 First Look
I respect JetBrains, an IDE company which survives despite intense competition from free tools such as Eclipse and NetBeans. It does so because developers like the products, especially the IntelliJ IDEA Java IDE. The tools are focused on coding; there are few visual designers but lots of coding help, such as code completion, refactoring, find usages, and fast navigation.

28.10.2011 JetBrains Offers a New IDE for Objective-C
I keep thinking of JetBrains as a Java tool maker because of the enduring power of its IntelliJ IDEA code-centric Java IDE. But that's a mistake. The Prague-based company makes tools for software developers, some of whom are Java jocks. That fact was brought home to me this week by Eugenia Dubova, JetBrains' indefatigable marketing manager, who let me know that her company has added another dev tool to its ever growing product catalog.

20.09.2011 Scala designer cites goals, directions for JVM alternative
InfoWorld: Are you familiar with the Kotlin language from JetBrains? I believe they looked at Scala and wanted to go their own way. Do you have any perspective on Kotlin at all?
Odersky: Yes, I've looked at it. I think it has elements of both Scala and C# in a new language. It's not out yet, so to comment further I think we should all wait when it's out and we have something concrete to try.

06.09.2011 Free Tool: JetBrains YouTrack
The latest version supports customizable workflows (using the free workflow editor) and better support for mobile devices, among other goodies. For developers who hate taking their hands off the keyboard, YouTrack supports both a command language and a search language that allow you to bypass the UI and just do what you want.

23.08.2011 Meta Programming System 2.0
JetBrains is slowly but surely becoming more than just a purveyor of programming tools and widgets. Its recent foray into a new JVM language in the form of Kotlin is too young to see how it will fare in the rough and ready world of neonate languages, but its Meta Programming System is old and successful enough to have just been released in version 2.0 - and it is open source.
Perhaps the most important thing about MPS is that it brings language extension within the grasp of the average programmer who isn't a language specialist.

22.08.2011 Kotlin project adds another language option to JVM
InfoWorld Editor at Large Paul Krill recently interviewed Dmitry Jemerov, JetBrains development lead, to discuss Kotlin and why the company is working on it.

22.08.2011 JetBrains releases Meta Programming System 2.0
JetBrains' Meta Programming System (MPS) offers a development environment that implements the Language-Oriented Programming (LOP) paradigm. Instead of using a given programming language to solve a problem, developers initially design a custom, domain-specific language that ideally allows them to implement the required functionality in a better way

05.08.2011 Bringing Java 7 Support to IntelliJ IDEA 10.5
Back in February, JetBrains announced that the major focus of their 10.5 release, would be Java 7 support. In this interview, we speak to IntelliJ IDEA senior software developer, Anna Kozlova, to find out more about implementing the new Java 7 language features in IntelliJ IDEA 10.5.

01.08.2011 Strange Loop #3 — Kotlin
In episode #3, Ken Sipe (@kensipe) interviews Andrey Breslav (@abreslav) from JetBrains about the new JVM language, Kotlin.

25.07.2011 Kotlin — another Java alternative?
A quick look at the syntax description reveals a very nice modern language but for a language to become popular and hence viable it needs something more.


23.07.2011 JetBrains introduces the new JVM language Kotlin
It remains to be seen how many software developers will consider Kotlin as their language of choice. At least, the reactions of many developers prove that Kotlin has at least entered the race for the next new cool language.

Info World

22.07.2011 JetBrains readies JVM-based language
"We've looked at all of the existing JVM languages, and none of them meet our needs. Scala has the right features, but its most obvious deficiency is very slow compilation," said Dmitry Jemerov, JetBrains development lead, on Friday. "Other languages don't meet some of our requirements in terms of the feature set. Moreover, the initial reception of Kotlin shows that the community trusts JetBrains and expects it to do a good job in terms of language implementation and tooling support."


21.07.2011 JVM Language Summit 2011
Project Kotlin, presented by JetBrains developers, Andrey Breslav and Dmitry Jemerov, has definitely created a lot of buzz by now. <...> I do not have any strong opinion on the project yet - need to study it a bit and compare to other languages (read Scala) but one thing I quite sure about is that the IDE support should be top class.

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16.05.2011 What is ReSharper


30.05.2011 TeamCity 6.5: Enhanced Integration with Git & Mercurial, .NET Improvements
JetBrains has announced the release of TeamCity 6.5. The new release comes with a new look and has improved integration with Git and Mercurial along with several improvements especially for .NET developers. Moreover the free Professional Edition now allows unlimited users, although with a limit on build definitions.


27.05.2011 JetBrains has announced the public availability of its TeamCity 6.5 continuous integration and build management server.
"TeamCity Professional Edition is now rid of many previous limitations," said JetBrains in a press statement. "Small and medium development teams can now run free TeamCity with an unlimited number of registered users, support for LDAP, and flexible per-project roles and permissions." The company's utopian vision of the future is for developer teams and startups around the globe to be able adopt continuous integration practices at literally zero expense.


26.05.2011 JetBrains upgrades continuous integration server
Continuous integration has been in the news lately because of the controversy over the forked Hudson project, recently contributed to Eclipse by Oracle. But JetBrains believes it offers more functionality with TeamCity than Hudson and its forked counterpart, Jenkins. "With Jenkins and Hudson, you've got very limited functionality out of the box," and must download more plug-ins, said Max Feldman, TeamCity marketing manager at JetBrains.

Jax Enter

17.05.2011 IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 With Full Java 7 Support
Groovy 1.8 and Spring 3.1 are also supported, and 'Diff Tools' has been added for comparing local directories and database objects.

13.05.2011 JetBrains Offers Peek at .NET Decompiler dotPeek
JetBrains on May 11 unveiled dotPeek, its new free decompiling tool for .NET. The company will start regularly publishing pre-release builds of the software as part of dotPeek Early Access Program, or EAP, JetBrains officials said.

Redmond Developer

11.05.2011 Early Access Program Starts for JetBrains' Free .NET Decompiler
JetBrains is introducing a free decompiler, and decompiling functionality in the upcoming ReSharper 6.0, as its competitor Red Gate Software attempts to move beyond a freemium business model and charge $35 for the former community edition of .NET Reflector 7, which shipped in March.

01.05.2011 Visual Basic and C# at the Crossroads
Ilya Ryzhenkov, .NET tools product manager for tools provider JetBrains Inc., is skeptical. "Compiler as a service is a technology that will allow simple things to be done easily, but complex things will be extremely hard or near impossible," he says. "No doubt with this release we'll see a lot of simple one-two-feature extensions popping up, much the same way we saw with Visual Studio 2010 Extensions. However, this usually leads to compatibility hell, an increase in the number of crashes, slow performance of the IDE and bugs."

20.04.2011 New NetBeans offers Java 7
Mills claimed that NetBeans 7 is the first open source IDE to support the new Java (though JetBrains offers a beta of its IntelliJ IDE that also supports the draft specification).

06.04.2011 Boost Your Coding Productivity
Put simply, you're either a huge fan of JetBrains' ReSharper or of DevExpress's CodeRush. Personally, I don't care which one you use. But if you're a professional developer and don't use one of these solutions, then you're cutting yourself insanely short?and spending way too much time doing stuff you don't have to do.
Personally, I'm a big fan of ReSharper. And while I originally grabbed it for its refactoring support, unit testing augmentations, and its huge amount of other additional UI helps, tweaks, and productivity boosts, one of the things I love the most about ReSharper is its support for templates that make it so much easier for me to quickly code repetitive tasks. In fact, I use ReSharper's templating functionality all the time when creating new repositories and when creating individual methods within those repositories?because ReSharper's support for "surround-with" templates gives me the ability to easily tackle some custom considerations around caching that I leverage pretty heavily in many repository methods.


05.04.2011 Jetbrains announced appCode (CIDR) EAP - an Objective-C IDE for Mac and iOS development
We at JetBrains admire what Apple has done to desktop apps and more generally to a consumer targeted software. They're setting new interaction design quality standards. But this is not the case when it comes to developers software, in our opinion. So we see a great opportunity for JetBrains to bring its development tools expertise to this emerging market of developers, who know how a great software should look, who care about their productivity and code quality.


04.04.2011 Switching from Java to Scala
InfoQ: What IDEs do you use for development? What is Scala IDE support like?
Web Platform Development Team Lead Graham Tackley, Guardian: We use Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA 10, some of us use the community edition and some use the ultimate edition. The Scala plugin is pretty good but not perfect. Code completion, find usages, and similar navigation nearly always works just fine. It's not as good as Java at red highlighting code that isn't valid, and we had some problems with it finding ScalaTest test methods, but other than that we were in our familiar environment working as we always had, just in a much more powerful language.

14.03.2011 Nejlepší nástroje na programování v Javě
Přes tyto nedostatky je IntelliJ výborným IDE, ukazujícím, jak s výtečně zvládnutým řemeslem lze udělat komerční produkt, který úspěšně soupeří s bezplatnou konkurencí.

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14.03.2011 Facebook Holds Weekend Hackathon
In the end, Russian Petr Mitrichev lifted the trophy and won the $5,000 prize. He used Java and ran IntelliJ IDEA on the Microsoft OS, reported The Register.


12.03.2011 Ruskie Java coder lifts inaugural Facebook Hacker Cup
Chinese developer Tiancheng Lou coded on Windows with Visual Basic, and Russian Petr Mitrichev, opting for Java, ran IntelliJ IDEA on the Microsoft OS.
"[IntelliJ] runs the same on all platforms," he told us, "so I don't care what OS I use." After two hours, only three coders produced answers to all three problems, including Tiancheng Lou and Petr Mitrichev; four finished two; and ten finished one.

ADT Magazine

28.02.2011 Scrappy JetBrains Releases PhpStorm 2
I try not to let my fanboy tendencies leak into my coverage of tools and tech, but I have to admit to a fondness for JetBrains, the Prague-based maker of the venerable code-centric Java IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, one of the relatively few such tools to survive the Eclipse Juggernaut.


24.02.2011 Oracle Announces the JDK 7 Developer Preview but Licensing Concerns Persist
JetBrains, the Prague-based creator of IntelliJ IDEA, have stated that the major focus of IntelliJ 10.5 will be Java 7 support. The new version is scheduled for a general availability release this Spring, but the Early Access Preview program starts in a few weeks. The company is inviting anyone interested to download the source code for the IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition from the JetBrains download page. According to the company's blog "all of the new language features will be fully supported across the product, with code completion, code inspections, quick fixes and so on".

heise online

24.02.2011 Java 7 im Soll: Oracle veröffentlicht Developer Preview für JDK 7
"...auch die tschechische Softwarefirma JetBrains hat für die nächste Version ihrer IDE IntelliJ IDEA Unterstützung für das JDK 7 angekündigt."

ADT Magazine

23.02.2011 IntelliJ IDE To Provide Full Java 7 Support
JetBrains, the Prague-based creator of code-centric Java IDE IntelliJ IDEA, this week took the wraps off the upcoming version of its flagship development environment. According to the company, the major focus of IntelliJ 10.5 will be Java 7 support.


14.02.2011 Google Web Toolkit adds HTML5 canvas backing.
Also in the app dev space, JetBrains upgrades its PHP IDE "JetBrains is releasing its PHPStorm 2.0 PHP IDE. It features support for PHP 5.3 namespaces and closures, ECMAscript 5, and Less and SASS (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) extensions for cascading style seets. Less features a dynamic stylesheet language while SASS extends CSS with nested rules, variables, and other features.

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28.01.2011 Oracle pulls Ruby on Rails support from NetBeans 7.0
JetBrains, makers of the commercial Ruby IDE RubyMine, said in a tweet, that it welcomed NetBeans Ruby users and would be announcing some "great news" soon on its pricing page. RubyMine is already available for free to developers of open source projects.

20.01.2011 Die besten Java-IDEs. JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.3
Es wird vor Augen geführt, dass professionelle, kommerzielle Programmierung durchaus zu sehr guter Software führt, die sogar mit kostenlosen Alternativen konkurrieren kann.

DrDobbs TV

03.01.2011 Dmitry Jemerov at Dr. Dobb's TV
Dr. Dobb's Mike Riley discusses the latest improvements in JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA 10 with JetBrains development lead Dmitry Jemerov

2010 News


21.12.2010 PyCharm and RubyMine Review
While not yet having the longevity of RubyMine, PyCharm has the advantage of taking the latest technical innovations evolved over the lifespans of IntelliJ and RubyMine, and folding these into PyCharm as "best of" features. Code assistance, analysis, navigation and refactoring all work identically to and as quick as that of IntelliJ and RubyMine. Additionally, PyCharm has been optimized not only for Python projects, but for Django web development and Google App Engine as well.
Dedicated Pythonistas or Rubyists who are not interested in a generic IDE that has their favorite language bolted on via an add-on or plug-in will appreciate the finely tuned precision that PyCharm and RubyMine have to offer. I especially appreciated the forethought about developer comfort level put into each product (especially in the more mature RubyMine), making me more productive compared to IDE's like Eclipse that feel sluggish when working with third-party feature enhancements. Rails developers who have reached the limits of what TextMate or Vim have to offer and are looking to bring a bigger boost to their productivity should definitely give RubyMine a go.
Both PyCharm and RubyMine receive my enthusiastic recommendation.


10.12.2010 Daily Dose - IntelliJ IDEA X: Faster, Smarter, Plus a Free Android IDE!
It's been a little more than a year since IntelliJ IDEA 9 was released and a free and open source version of the IDE became available?this turned out to be a great decision. Today, IntelliJ IDEA 10 is here.


10.12.2010 IntelliJ IDEA 10 IDE Coming With Full Android Support
I liked Intellij IDEA a whole lot more than I did Eclipse or any other IDE when I was still a budding code monkey. Many others are sure to tell you they feel the exact same way. (Except for those pesky purists who use nothing but vim and emacs.)


6.12.2010 RubyMine 3.0 Interview
RubyMine 3.0: 'smarter in terms of understanding the Ruby language.

Ruby Inside

30.11.2010 RubyMine 3.0 released
JetBrains (of IntelliJ IDEA fame) has today released RubyMine 3.0, the latest version of its cross-platform Ruby and Rails IDE. It follows on almost 18 months to the day from RubyMine 1.0. Back then we noted that the public reception of RubyMine was strong and JetBrains have only made it better since then.

30.11.2010 RubyMine 3.0 Released
"But why should I use an IDE?" you may ask. After all, your trusty editor such as Vim or TextMate is just fine, right? However, if you haven't used a modern IDE like RubyMine, you might not even know what you're missing. It does a bit more than project management and file editing.

30.11.2010 10 gifts to give your development team this holiday season
JetBrain?s Resharper is one of the most useful tools out there for .NET developers. It just does a great job of making lots of minor tasks a lot easier. If your .NET team isn?t using Resharper yet, this is a great way to put a smile on their faces.


25.11.2010 JetBrains Developer Tools
JetBrains is one of the few companies that sucessfully sell their developer tools. Thats why it has been interesting to talk to Ann Oreshnikova about the underlying strategies, reasons for success and future plans and products.

Visual Studio Magazine

01.11.2010 ReSharper earned the Visual Studio Magazine Readers Choice Award 2010 in the General Development Tools category.
According to Visual Studio Magazine, "The General Development Tools category is the most prestigious and competitive category in the VSM Readers Choice Awards, and for the second straight year, JetBrains ReSharper is the top vote-getter."

Visual Studio Magazine

01.11.2010In addition to its Readers Choice trophy, ReSharper has been recognized as the Most Valuable Developer Tool by Visual Studio Magazine panelists, grabbing the Editors Choice Award 2010.
"For the second year, JetBrains ReSharper earned top honors as the Most Valuable Developer Tool, dominating both reader and panelist polling. Panelist and VSM Tools Editor Peter Vogel perhaps said it best: "I think I could write code without ReSharper, but I'm not sure anymore."

Dr. Dobb's Journal

01.11.2010 IntelliJ IDEA has won the Jolt Productivity Award #1 in the Development Environments category.
Said Mike Riley, a judge at Jolt Awards: "...IntelliJ is unquestionably one of the smartest choices a Java developer can make to be as productive and prepared for the broadest range of work as possible."

Visual Studio Magazine

26.10.2010 JetBrains' Test-Driven Dev Tool
"JetBrains — which makes ReSharper — has just released a new code coverage add-in for Visual Studio 2005 to 2010. It's called dotCover and highlights code covered by unit tests".


22.09.2010 InfoWorld review: Top Java programming tools
"Because the paid version of IntelliJ competes with multiple free products, it has to prove its stripes all the time. It does so by innovating faster than the other IDEs. Its long record of innovation has won it numerous fans who are passionate about the product. Indeed, there is much to be passionate about.
...IntelliJ is an excellent IDE that shows how superior craftsmanship can produce commercial products that compete successfully with free competitors."

Visual Studio Magazine

01.08.2010 Two Productivity Tools for Visual Studio 2010
"Reach Higher with ReSharper.
If CodeRush is expanding its feature set within its existing support, ReSharper is expanding its range".


9.07.2010 Continuous Integration with TeamCity
"To give you an idea about how TeamCity is being used in our company, I have been able to configure TeamCity, in conjunction with Maven, custom Maven plug-ins, and tool that I wrote to import a database into a schema, to import a database snapshot into a database schema, build and deploy a set of web service endpoints, and build and deploy a web application. And it does this based on environment so that subtle configuration changes allow the application to be deployed to our development, QA, and integration environments, all with the single click of TeamCity's "Run" button. Additionally we have a continuous integration build that waits for 60 seconds of inactivity after a check-in to Subversion and then it checks out, builds, and runs unit tests against the application. Our next task is to start scheduling nightly load tests against our application so that we can know if performance is impacted by daily check-ins".


02.07.2010 Review: IntelliJ IDEA 9
"IntelliJ IDEA is a cross platform editor that really sweeps the competitors off the floor. Do you want a better workflow, snappy editor, refactoring that really works, solid code generation and fast intellisense? How about UML support? Flashmagazine takes a close look at the Java based editor that now offers Actionscript and Flex support."

Visual Studio Magazine

21.06.2010 Two More Questions with Oleg Stepanov
Oleg Stepanov, software developer at JetBrains, continues our conversation about creating add-ins for Visual Studio 2010.

SD Times

15.04.2010 Partners keep pace with Visual Studio 2010
"ReSharper features code analysis and project maintenance tools that go beyond what Visual Studio 2010 provides. It also includes code inspection, code generation and navigation tools that plug into the IDE".

2009 News


11/16/2009RubyMine 2.0 : A Clear Path to Dynamic Development
JetBrains has taken it on themselves to create one of the premier Ruby IDEs on the market. It has been just over 6 months since version 1.0 was released and today, RubyMine 2.0.


30/10/2009New Bug Tracker - YouTrack 1.0 Release
JetBrains has announced the GA release of its new bug and issue tracking software, YouTrack 1.0. YouTrack is a web-based, keyboard-centric bug tracker with issue handling focused into only two controls, a search box and a command window.

SD Times

10/15/2009JetBrains creates open-source IntelliJ IDEA
With NetBeans and Eclipse as its main competitors, the main way that IntelliJ IDEA has remained apart from those other IDEs is by being closed source. That changed today, as JetBrains announced that IntelliJ is now available in two forms, one of which will now be free


10/15/2009JetBrains readies open source version of its Java IDE
JetBrains, which has provided its IntelliJ Idea Java IDE as a commercial product, now is offering a preview of a free, open source version of the IDE.


9/8/2009JetBrains Releases YouTrack 1.0 Beta
JetBrains designed its own Web-based, keyboard-centric issue tracker initially to help its own developers as well as other development teams to process bugs and requests faster and easier.

SD Times

9/4/2009JetBrains launches bug-tracking beta
Development productivity toolmaker JetBrains has set its sights on making reporting and processing bugs faster with a new product called YouTrack.


7/29/2009Product News: JetBrains Meta Programming System Goes 1.0
A key advantage of MPS is that languages are composable: they can be easily combined with each other, which promotes reuse of languages. Utilizing the generative approach, languages in MPS are described on a higher level, after which MPS generates compilable code in other languages, such as Java.


7/27/2009JetBrains Delivers New Programming System
JetBrains, maker of developer tools such as the IntelliJ IDEA integrated development environment for Java developers, announces the 1.0 release of its new conceptual software development environment -- Meta Programming System.

Dr. Dobb's Journal

7/24/2009Jetbrains Releases MPS Language Workbench
By using MPS and DSLs created with its help, domain experts can solve domain-specific tasks easily, even if they're not familiar with programming.

SD Times

6/30/2009JetBrains unleashes new IDEA preview
The new version, released last week, is focused on adding support for Java EE 6, the GlassFish application server and WebBeans. But Sun's enterprise Java isn't the only thing to see new handlers in IntelliJ IDEA 9: This version of the IDE also adds support for developing applications for Google App Engine, on Android phones, and in conjunction with OSGi.


6/29/2009IntelliJ's Maia shapes up against Eclipse
IntelliJ IDEA has maintained a significantly smaller yet substantial and consistent second place on Java. It has managed to do this despite charging, in an era when other - and sometimes bigger - Java tools providers have either shut down or sold up as they failed to square the challenge of how do compete against the free, open-source Eclipse environment.

2008 News


12/16/2008 Adobe learns lessons of open-source Flex
The competition is real: JetBrains' IntelliJ IDEA, for example, now has its own Flex tool. The IntelliJ integrated development environment has proved a consistently popular suite of tools for many developers.


12/11/2008 Red Hat, Intel, Aptana, JetBrains boost developer wares
JetBrains this week is offering a beta version of Meta Programming System (MPS), an environment that implements the Language-Oriented Programming paradigm for building specialized languages for software development.


12/11/2008 JetBrains Delivers Meta Programming System Beta
JetBrains' MPS encourages the use of DSLs and code generation. MPS also implements the Language-Oriented Programming paradigm for building enterprise applications.

SD Times

12/8/2008 Integration Watch: A sudden bumper crop of IDEs
JetBrains? rapid response in adding support for emerging standards and languages is a cornerstone of IntelliJ?s appeal.

SD Times

12/3/2008 JetBrains Brings New Version of TeamCity
A cheesy Jefferson Starship single claims, "We built this city on rock and roll." Well, Prague-based software company JetBrains built their own city for managing distributed builds. How's that for some rock and roll?

SD Times

11/10/2008 JetBrains adds SQL support to latest IntelliJ IDEA
JetBrains last week released IntelliJ IDEA 8, the latest update to its popular Java IDE. But Java was hardly the focus of the new features and integrations, which introduces SQL query design and management tools into the IDE.


11/10/2008 RapidMind, JetBrains boost developer wares
JetBrains last week introduced version 8 of its Java IDE, IntelliJ Idea, which also serves as the base for two standalone Ruby and Python IDEs planned for release by JetBrains in coming months.


11/9/2008 IntelliJ IDEA 8


11/9/2008 IntelliJ IDEA 8.0 Is Out with UML, JBoss Seam, and Spring 2.5 Support
IntelliJ IDEA 8, one of the best Java IDEs has been been released. This time not only Java developers were looking forward to it, but Flex developers (IDEA 7 started supporting Flex) will find new and interesting additions.


11/7/2008 JetBrains Releases New Java IDE
JetBrains, maker of the most popular independent Java integrated development environment, has announced the new version of its IDE, IntelliJ Idea 8, which introduces support for SQL, UML-like class diagrams, JBoss Seam and more.


8/27/2008 IntelliJ IDEA 8: Beyond Java
JetBrains continues to focus on providing an IDE that ranks at the top of the list for developers who not only work with Java but Groovy, Python, JavaScript, Flex, Scala and others. Some things to keep an eye out for include better support for JavaFX, and possibly a web based tool for project management related tasks.

SD Times

8/8/2008 Crazy eights! IntelliJ IDEA 8 preview on 8/8/08
With a nod to the symmetry of it all, JetBrains today (8/8/08) released a milestone preview of the upcoming version 8 of its IntelliJ IDEA development environment, with new integration to JBoss Seam, among other enhancements.


7/17/2008 Debunking Common Refactoring Misconceptions
ReSharper As well as refactoring it also brings many other features from the popular Java IntelliJ IDE to the the C# world, so much so that many of my buddies already can't manage without it

artima developer

2/13/2008 IntelliJ Does Flex


2/12/2008 IntelliJ IDEA's Dependency Structure Matrix Tool Visualizes Architecture
A major characteristic of good architecture is layering components such that dependencies between modules flow down through the architecture. Describing and maintaining dependencies between components is a common yet difficult task. UML package diagrams offer a way to describe such dependencies, but they are often time consuming to create and, even when reverse-engineered, it takes a long time to acheive a grokkable layout. UML also doesn't scale well - maintaining dependency diagrams in UML for large complex systems rarely provides as much payback as the effort invested. A newer technology, Dependency Structure Matrices (DSM), has emerged to fill this gap.

open source sys-con

2/7/2008 An Alternative To Flex Builder Is Coming: JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA
End of 2008. I can make a wild guess that I'll be seriously considering switching to IntelliJ IDEA 8.0 unless Adobe will make some major investments in Flex Builder.

artima developer

1/25/2008 Dependency Analysis with DSM in IntelliJ IDEA
The latest version of JetBrains' IntelliJ IDEA includes a new dependency analysis tool that presents a structured matrix of dependencies in a large Java codebase. Maria Khalusova introduces this tool in a recent article.

SD Times

1/1/2008 JetBrains TeamCity 3.0 Provides Visual Build Metrics
Sometimes, a couple of pictures can say more than a written report. JetBrains on Dec. 6 released TeamCity version 3.0, adding in a host of new charting options to help managers get a visual idea of their team's build metrics.

2007 News

11/07/2007Getting started mit ReSharper 3.0 und Visual Basic
"Auf der Webseite von JetBrains steht ein Screencast mit dem Titel "Getting started with ReSharper 3.0 and VB.NET" zur Verf�gung. In diesem Screencast soll eine Reihe von Features eingef�hrt werden, die VB-Entwicklern mit ReSharper 3.0 zur Verf�gung stehen. ReSharper 3.0 ist die erste Version, in die volle Unterst�tzung f�r Visual Basic integriert wurde." magazin

22/06/2007JetBrains bringt ReSharper 3.0
"Das Release erweitert die C#-Funktionalit�t und umfasst neue Sprachunterst�tzung mit Vollfunktionssupport f�r Visual Basic .NET, XML und XAML."


07/2007IDE Showdown — Evangelists duke it out at Cologne JUG
"IDEA has long been known for its innovations in IDE technology and this presentation was quick to point out a number of them."

Redmond magazine

22/06/2007JetBrains Unveils ReSharper 3.0
"Tools vendor JetBrains has released ReSharper 3.0, the latest version of its refactoring plug-in for Visual Studio."

Dr. Dobb's Journal

22/06/2007ReSharper 3.0 Released
"JetBrains announced the release of ReSharper 3.0, the popular refactoring and productivity tool for Visual Studio. With the latest release VB.NET coders can now develop with pleasure , so can C#, XML, and XAML coders."


04/06/2007ReSharper 3.0 with full VB.NET Support
"Full-featured support for Visual Basic .NET, including complete cross-language functionality with C#, will be available in ReSharper 3.0, a powerful add-in to Microsoft Visual Studio from JetBrains."


04/06/2007dotTrace Profiler 3.0 pr�ft schneller
"dotTrace Profiler soll in Version 3.0 merklich schneller arbeiten und ermittelt Speicherlecks mit einem neuen Verfahren."

MSDN Magazine

06/2007Improve Your Programming Experience in Visual Studio
"One such Visual Studio add-in is ReSharper 2.5 by JetBrains, which offers intelligent error highlighting with quick-fix options, extended refactoring support, customizable code formatting, unit testing, NAnt and MSBuild script editing, and a variety of tools for quickly searching and navigating through the types and files of a Visual Studio project."

Redmond Developer News

05/2007JetBrains TeamCity 2.0 Includes TFS Integration
"Forrester Research Inc. analyst Carey Schwaber says JetBrains is well-regarded in Java circles due to IntelliJ. "They're one of the few vendors out there that has continued to make money off Java development environments, but it's clear that they're also looking to branch out into less commoditized spaces," she says."

14/04/2007JetBrains TeamCity 2.0: Long-awaited Eclipse community support
"TeamCity 2.0 comes with Eclipse plugin which enables each member of the software team to create "regular" and "personal" builds remotely, monitor the status of integrating changes into the project code base, view the tests results and build log, maintain the code quality, and much more within the IDE and enhanced IntelliJ IDEA plugin."


10/04/2007TeamCity 2 Continous Build Platform adds Eclipse & Visual Studio Plugins
"Using their expertise garnered in the IDE/Plug-in space(with IntelliJ, Resharper), With Teamcity, JetBrains aim to bring the information delivered by the build/test/deploy stack into the IDE."


26/03/2007More Java IDE tools to try
"JetBrains IntelliJ. This Java IDE is considered by many developers to be the most productive and enjoyable environment for pure coding. IntelliJ is more intuitive than the IBM, Borland, or Sun IDEs, which is how it earns its great reputation."


13/03/2007Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ: Assessing the Survivors of the
Java IDE Wars

"...outstanding IDEA editor, which has long been regarded as its crown jewel. The editor is fast, with complex context-sensitive color highlighting, hints, and suggestion pop-ups?not to mention an impressive array of refactoring options. The IDEA editor is any hardcore coder's dream. The more time I spent in it, the more little touches I found that made programming that much more efficient. I'm sure I barely explored all of its functionality during the limited time I had for reviewing."


02/07IntelliJ IDEA 6.0: Rechtfertigen die neuen Features den Upgrade?
"Es wird immer pers�nliche Pr�ferenzen geben, JetBrains macht mit IDEA 6.0 seinen Anh�ngern sicher Freude und wird es den Kritikern weiter schwer machen."

2006 News

SD Times

01/11/2006JetBrains' Latest Idea: TeamCity Build System New solution extends flagship IntelliJ IDEA into the nightly development process
"October was a .0 kind of month for JetBrains. The company placed IntelliJ IDEA 6.0 on the runway alongside a new build and code management system, dubbed TeamCity 1.0. The two combine their powers to extend unit testing and static code analysis into the daily and nightly development processes."


5/10/2006"JetBrains Sharpens C# Tool"
"ReSharper 2.0 provides developers with access to features from integrated development environments, including Visual Studio .Net 2005, Visual Studio .Net 2003, Visual Basic .Net and ASP .Net"

Java Developers Journal

5/05/2006"IntelliJIDEA Is One of the Best Java IDEs"
"This IDE outsmarts me big time. Finding classes, refactoring suggesting solutions... everyting is at your fingertips. I'm starting learning Java again with the help of this IDE."

Romain Guy's Blog

4/17/2006" IntelliJ IDEA is Great!"
"IntelliJ (IDEA) surprises me every day... in a good way. I have never seen a tool so intelligent or so capable of doing the right thing..."

Info World

4/13/2006"The other Java IDEs: Eclipse, JDeveloper, IntelliJ"
"Quality of implementation defines IntelliJ (IDEA). The interface is utterly intuitive... The code support is more extensive than most IDEs, with highly configurable error-sniffing capabilities and extensive online help. ... IntelliJ (IDEA) remains one of the finest environments in any language for pure coding."

Java Developers Journal

2/27/2006"JProfiler Becomes a JetBrains-Certified Companion for IntelliJ IDEA"
"For the first time, an award-winning Java IDE has teamed with an award-winning Java profiler."


2/25/2006"JetBrains Beefs Up Companion Program"
"JProfiler joins the ranks of JetBrains-certified companions for IntelliJ IDEA, JetBrains' flagship Java IDE"

Linux World

2/09/2006"JetBrains Releases IntelliJ IDEA 5.1 Java IDE"
"IntelliJ IDEA 5.1 is a professional-grade tool for developers working in situations where time is money and sustained productivity is a measure of success."


1/18/2006"Swords Sharpened for Ajax Projects"
"JavaScript editing aids were also a noteworthy addition in last year's 5.0 release of JetBrains Inc.'s IntelliJ Idea environment for Java."

Reg Developer

1/11/2006"IntelliJ IDEA 5.0: can it survive the Eclipse onslaught?"
"...those who discover IDEA still have reason to be satisfied. Sometimes less is more, and sharp single-company focus has advantages over a consortium of diverse groups pressed together. As a pure editor IDEA has the edge, and it is easier to learn and use..."

2005 News


12/15/2005"What a clever idea for an IDE"
"IntelliJ IDEA” is an innovative Java IDE that has already picked up a number of prestigious industry awards in its short life... Those awards reflect the attitude of the Java community around the world...because it makes Java programming enjoyable."


12/06/2005"What makes software successful?"
"...when faced with nimble open-source "upstart” competitors, commercial vendors typically pile on the features, believing that that's what makes software sell. But, luckily for software, there are exceptions. JetBrains, creator of the popular Intellij IDEA Java IDE have recognized that punters are more willing to pay for software which helps increase their productivity."


10/21/2005"Get Organized"
"For knowledge workers, information overload is a common ailment. ... While one solution might be to throw more applications into your standard desktop, a better solution is JetBrains Omea Pro."


10/19/2005"Review: dotTrace"
"...The user interface for doing a profiling run is simplicity itself: you choose the executable or Web page you want to run and the working directory, supply any optional parameters, and tell it to launch."


10/17/2005"JetBrains Finds Room for IDE Improvement"
"Although next spring marks the 10th anniversary of Java integrated development environments, toolmakers still find innovative ways to make developers more productive in that language and on its associated platforms."

Search VB

10/1/2005"JetBrains takes on refactoring for 2005"
"The Visual Studio .Net 2005 add-in will include 27 refactorings, and other features to ease the pain of transition.".

SD Times

9/1/2005"JetBrains Adds Web Savvy to IntelliJ"
"When it comes to Web authoring tools, JavaServer Pages and mobile development, IntelliJ (IDEA) is getting smarter.".


2/16/2005Open Sourcers Get JetBrains' IDE Access
"JetBrains... is making its flagship tool set more widely available to the open-source community."


1/12/2005Choosing the Right IDE for the Job
Matt Rajkowski at considers IntelliJ IDEA 4.5 the best tool for Java web development.

2004 News

Desktop Pipeline

12/15/2004New Software Slices and Dices Docs, E-Mail, RSS, IM And More
"Omea Pro... a new software application that gives users a single tool to access, organize and search information from a variety of sources and in different formats."

ADT Magazine

10/14/2004ADT Magazine reviews Omea Reader
"I spent a while working with this first released version, and it does seem to live up to its promises."

Robin Good Blog

10/05/2004Robin Good Blog Reviews Omea Reader
"...the user interface is clean and sharp and the functions relatively intuitive... Definitely worth a test drive."

ADT Magazine

8/04/2004ADT Magazine reviews ReSharper 1.0.1
"...JetBrains have been in the Java world for a while, producing the popular IntelliJ IDEA IDE. Now they've moved in on .NET with this product, an add-in for making C# code editing more efficient."

Code Generation Network

7/07/2004Sergey Dmitriev's Interview about Fabrique and Meta Programming System
"...We plan for the future that code generators will be pluggable. Programs written in Fabrique will not need to be changed to deploy to a different runtime platform. ".

SD Times

4/15/2004"Another IDEA: JetBrains to Launch C#, RAD Tools"
"...JetBrains Inc. is preparing to add a C# version of IntelliJ IDEA, to be called ReSharper, in the third quarter of this year, as well as Visual Fabrique, a new Web-oriented RAD tool, in the fourth quarter".

SD Times

3/15/2004JetBrains Overhauls IntelliJ IDEA
A short overview of IntelliJ IDEA 4.0 by Jennifer deJong, SD Times

Java Boutique

3/13/2004Java Boutique reviews IntelliJ IDEA 4.0
"..IntelliJ IDEA has consistently won awards, users' choice, good reviews, etc., because of their innovation and solid usability. Version 4.0 seems to be no different; JetBrains has added a number of features that make Java development even easier."


3/05/2004IntelliJ IDEA 4.0
Overview of IntelliJ IDEA 4.0 by By Vijay Phagura

Radical Refactoring

01/01/2004«Radical Refactoring»
"...We repeat: refactoring is no longer just part of extreme programming, far less a tool on the XP fringes. Rather, it has become an important constituent of the daily development process." - Eugene Belyaev, Maxim Shafirov and Ann Oreshnikova for the DDJ Magazine.

PDF  read the article

2003 News


7/04/2003«Java IDEs further coverage of life cycle»
Ease of use, intelligent code refactorings... what else makes IntelliJ IDEA a coder centric tool? Read more in Lana Gates’ article.

SD Times

2/1/2003 IntelliJ IDE Update Shoots For Summer By David Rubinstein

SD Magazine

1/28/2003 The 13th Annual Jolt Product Excellence & Productivity Awards: JetBrains’s nominated in Languages and Development Environments category.

2002 News

Linux Magazine

11/27/2002 A Bright IDEA for Java Developers. IntelliJ IDEA review by Rogers Cadenhead.


11/26/2002 IntelliJ IDEA 3.0 Now with J2EE Support. Brief article on the new version of IntelliJ IDEA 3.0


9/5/2002 IntelliJ IDEA 3.0. Product review. By Duane Fields

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